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Warm Up

Warm Up

Weight Loss 015When necessary training, make it advisable to warm up, either for an elite athlete or someone you exercise at home, as is in our case.

The main function of a warm-up is to increase body temperature and mobility in muscles and joints. As a result of increased blood flow temperature and breathing rate also increases. With this type of exercises, we aim to prevent discomfort and injuries and we can adapt better to perform better conditions later in the year at home.

Heating rate

Exercises general warming: no prepares muscles intensely, but he plays a lot of muscles.

Specific exercises warming: Directed a particular sport or working with a specific group of muscles for the activity in question.

Preventive exercises warming: Those who are made to recover damaged areas ..


As you can see, there are a variety of warm-ups, but today I present from exercises at home, are the most adapted to perform the workout routines that perform here (focused on the generals, especially).

Getting into the subject that interests us, exercises general warming, we must mention that consists of several phases.

Phases general warming exercises

Joint mobility exercises: Within these movements are the following exercises:

  • Ankle rotation.
  • Flexion and knee extension.
  • Open legs, make circles with your hips.
  • Head rotations to the right and then left.
  • Wrists rotations in both directions.

Stretches: Unique movement, but the position should be held for 30-60 seconds:

  • Standing, leaning his hands on the wall, one leg bent and the other leg, first one and then another leg.
  • In the same position, catching his foot and knee to force down.
  • Standing, legs together and straight, tilt the trunk to touch the feet.
  • Standing, lifting one leg and support the height of the hip fully extended, tilt the trunk forward.
  • Standing, holding hands behind his back climb up without separating.
  • Lying, shrinking the knees to the chest and arms around her.
  • Standing to one side twists and elsewhere.

In short, the warm-up and stretching to be performed before and after are vital. Our recommendation from exercises at home, is that you take the time to warm up and stretch well the joints, do not worry you do several exercises before and after the training warming.


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