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Weight Loss 018

Exercises to lose weight fast at home

Exercises to lose weight fast at home

Weight Loss 018With this exercise routine to lose weight fast, you get to see results soon. It is designed so that in 30 days, notes significant effect on your figure. In addition, another of the great advantages of this exercise routine to lose weight fast is that people who start from different levels to practice, as we will discuss the basic exercises that are simple to execute.

This workout is to lose weight quickly and is compatible with other types of workouts. That is, that being refácil to follow for many of the users who read us every day so we recommend you to try to combine it with some of the training we have in our section:…

You can choose the one that best suits your time and objectives. Without further ado, I will proceed to explain what it does and how the workout is done to lose weight fast.

Exercise routine to lose weight fast – Description

  • Duration: 30 days.
  • Training days a week: 3.
  • Off during the week: We must rest a minimum day between each session.
  • Recovery: No break.
  • Objective: Lose weight.
  • Material: None, it is designed so that anyone can do at home without any problems.
  • Level: Any, is designed so that training can be a beginner or a complement to a more advanced routine for athletes.

Exercise routine to lose weight fast – Exercises

Before you start training, it is essential that adequately warmed to improve our performance and avoid injury. Although not due to do exercises that directly touch the upper body, it is important to warm up the joints of the wrist, elbow and rotator cuff, because indirectly involved.

We must do more exercise care ankles and knees, they are the areas that accumulate workload without doubt. We having made adequate heating, we will be ready to start this exercise routine to lose weight fast:

Exercises at home: Mountain climbers

While crunches and other abdominal abdominal exercises are very effective, we should include new exercises like mountain climbers our training routine. In exercises at home, I urge you to include exercises involving the muscles of the waist, responsible for elevating the legs when hitting a ball or kick the punching bag, because in purely habitual movements do not exercise the obliques.

The mountain climbers are an exercise that combines classic isometric plate with raised knees, and work a lot of muscles simultaneously and thus burning many more calories than simple crunches. It’s an incredibly demanding exercise and done quickly as the Burpee, can become destructive. It is a widespread practice among martial arts, plyometrics for their components and flexibility.

Running the Mountain Climber

In a flexed position, with your hands on a bench, on the mat or on the floor, bring one leg towards your chest and then to carry it away, you bring the opposite leg to your chest. Repeat, alternating each leg as quickly as possible. Like you’re climbing in a sprint simultaneously exchanging each leg back and forth.

Be rigorous with movement, not skimp on the route cutting the mountain climbers are especially effective if we get congested in the final part of the journey.

The working muscles Mountain Climber

Fundamentally, specifically abdominal oblique our part. However, to constantly maintain flexion, indirectly strengthen the triceps, shoulders and chest but in proportion to the oblique abdominal work is low intensity to which we submit to these muscles.

Knee lifts

Knee lifts or high knees, are an amazing place to help us lose weight aerobic exercise. The athletes usually practice of various kinds, whether to heat or exercise in the routine, such as brokers. It is possible that you have seen knee lifts aerobic exercise routines, they are a classic in this discipline too.

One of the great advantages of knee lifts is that they are simple to perform and do not require any type of material to exercise properly. This in turn creates a type of perfect move to train at home.

It is possible that you have seen knee lifts aerobic exercise routines, they are a classic in this discipline too.

How knee lifts performed?

To properly execute knee lifts, must place their feet to the width of the hips and the arms close to the body, forearms can separate the torso significantly.

Raise your left knee toward your chest, exhaling and contracting your abs; and at the same time, we will double elbows and fists out in front of the shoulders. Back again to the starting position and repeat with the right leg to complete one repetition.

What muscles work knee lifts?

Knee lifts are an exercise that works a lot of muscle fibers concerning the lower body and abdominal area:

– Quadriceps
– Femoral biceps
– Soleo
– Gastrocnemius
– Gluteus maximus
– Psoas
– Abdominal oblique
– Rectus abdominis


Easy Workout Routines, we recommend working with the mountain climbers regularly, you will notice great advances muscular and functional level. Such movements are those who really make our abdomen is strong, for being composed our body learns to coordinate the body when performing other movements run.

Greetings Easy Workout Routines again and again thanks for following.


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