Like several other web sites, Only-apartments also uses cookies. In this area we explain our plan of cookies, so you recognize just what we’re discussing.
Exactly what is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny file that is downloaded to a user’s browser in order to save data that can be retrieved by the entity in charge of its installation. Cookies are vital for the operation of the Net and, to name a few anythings, promote navigation.
Exactly what is a cookie?

Cookies are made use of to store numerous types of information. There are lots of types of cookies as the entity that handles (own or third-party cookies), depending on the length of time they continue to be active (session cookies or consistent), or by purpose (technical cookies, modification, analysis, marketing or behavioral advertising and marketing). As an example, a cookie is exactly what allows recall the data login individual (if we store information on your browser as your preferences and also setups, they can be automatically reset on your next check out, without having to return to choose them for instance, language); details regarding your surfing habits (in order to improve your feel); or to provide the most relevant advertising based on this info.
How I can revoke my consent as well as cookies?

Exactly what you can do is set your internet browser to approve cookies quit or warn you each time you go to a website that uses them. Nevertheless, if you do it you are most likely to be areas of the website or application that you could not use. Kinds of cookies made use of by Only-apartments

Cookies efficiency enhancement
This type of cookies maintains your inclinations for certain solutions or tools (such as language or money) so you do not have to reset them each time you visit our website. In some cases they might be supplied by 3rd parties.

Cookies statistical analysis
These cookies allow us to measure the number of visitors as well as statistically assess just how users use our companies. They can be treated by us or by 3rd parties as well as thanks to them can study our website navigating and improve the method we present it.

Cookies geolocation
They are made use of to geographically situate the condition of the computer system, Smartphone or tablet to provide the materials as well as more appropriate to the place where you find solutions.

Cookies enrollment
When you sign up on our website, cookies that determine you as a signed up user generated. They can be used to identify your customer account and connected companies, and stay up until they leave your account, shut your internet browser or shut off the gadget. Likewise, these cookies can be used in mix with logical information to recognize individually your inclinations on our portal.

advertising cookies
They are those that permit successfully take care of marketing space on our website, so we could adapt the material of the advertisement you make use of our website. They can be treated by us or by third parties, as well as thanks to them we understand your Net browsing behaviors as well as prove to related marketing it.

Other third-party cookies
In several of our pages you can be installed third-party cookies that permit you to manage and improve the solutions they supply. An instance of this use are the links to socials media to share our content.