The Ultimate Bodyweight Bundle

Why Choose Bodyweight Exercises? Bodyweight exercises can transform your physique by helping you build muscle and lose body fat… but that’s not the only benefit. 5 More Reasons To Do Bodyweight Exercises:   1. Improve “Whole Body” Strength – Most bodyweight exercises are movements that strengthen the entire body as a unit. The large muscle groups AND the supporting muscles, known as “synergists”, are ...

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Muay Thai – The Genesis of Kickboxing

Many people know with kickboxing, thanks to popular movies like Ring of Fire, but very few have actually heard of muay thai, from which a number of the rules as well as relocations of kickboxing come from. Muay thai (noticable mooay connection) is the nationwide sporting activity of Thailand, and is widely known throughout Southeast Asia. Muay thai was just ...

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