Lightweight Judo Techniques

Here is Mohan’s Judo in Action: With these techniques you will: Multiple Seoi nage entries Mohans’ main throwing techniques is morote seoi and ippon seoi nage. Discover multiple entires and setups to this throw including a seoi off the grip, a left on right variation as well as a really sneaky seoi variation when your opponent has pinned your sleeve ...

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Bulletproof Shoulders For Judo

With Bulletproof Your Shoulders for Judo You Will Strengthen, Stabilize and Protect Your Shoulders so You Can Enjoy an Injury FREE Judo Career. This program works if you don’t do Judo as well From the desk of Olympic Coach Mark Kislich The shoulder is one of the most complex and injury prone joints in the human body. Couple this with the rigours of ...

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What is Judo?

An Incredible and Dynamic Sport. Judo is a remarkable and vibrant fight sporting activity that demands both physical prowess as well as great mental self-control. From a standing placement, it involves methods that permit you to lift and also toss your challengers onto their backs. On the ground, it consists of strategies that permit you to pin your opponents to ...

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