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Attention All Serious and Aspiring Martial Artists:

“Who Else Wants to Become a Master of the Secret Art of Silat and Harness the True Power of This Incredible Martial Art Form?

This Is Your Chance To Take Advantage Of A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIMEOpportunity To Learn The Time-Honoured Techniques Of A Silat Master. No One Else Offers This Level Of Expertise And Coaching In The Secrets Of Silat. And You Won’t Find A Better, More Comprehensive Program Anywhere Else!

LIVE PROOFOnce Upon Time They Were Called As Beginners, But Look At Them Now…

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From: Guru Dr. Nizam, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Silat Fans,

Now, you may have tried to take martial arts courses in the past, and you may even have had some ebooks or training videos.

The problem with these is that they usually skip right to the advanced techniques, and leave out the most important part of training: the fundamentals. Without these, you are destined to fail, no matter how many classes you’ve taken in the past.

This level of frustration can make even the most promising students of martial arts give up. They don’t believe that it’s possible to get the training they need to excel without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, and they don’t realize that there is a better way to learn, and a simple way to dramatically improve martial arts skill.

I have trained thousands of students, and I’ve seen these same frustrations time and time again.

What everyone is looking for is a way to learn FAST without having to spend hours and hours a day practicing. And that is exactly what my Silat for Beginners course will give you, if you are ready to make the commitment to mastering this ancient and powerful form of martial arts…

And to be completely open, ‘7 day step-by-step system’ makes it sound like more work than it really is. With my system…

You don’t need ANY previous experience.
You need almost ZERO skills in MA to start with.
You don’t need to be as fast as BRUCE LEE to start with.
You don’t need to be as good as Muhammad Ali
You don’t even need a lot of MONEY to invest!

In fact, you don’t have to do research on which MA that suite you anymore. As this system will definitely save your hard work and “training” is done for you. I’ll explain exactly how it works in a moment.

Imagine Being Able to Master These Powerful Martial Arts Techniques Right in Your Own Home…

Imagine being able to learn step-by-step the exact techniques you need to master silat fundamentals, without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for private lessons. Can you imagine how easy it will be for you to master these techniques, knowing that you have full access to as many demonstrations as you need, on demand?

Picture yourself studying these amazing techniques and growing stronger and faster in your martial arts skills as each day goes by.

You know that you will always have the next lesson available when you want it, and the course is entirely self-paced so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the rest of the class. YOU are the class and you set the pace!

Imagine having full access to the secrets of a 13-year black belt in the art of Silat, and all the special techniques that can be used to really speed up your progress and skill.

You won’t have to sign up for a waiting list, expensive coaching, or time-consuming lessons, because you will have it all right at your fingertips, and with only a few hours a week of practice, you will be gaining mastery in silat quickly and effectively.

This is the kind of lesson plan I’ve put together for everyone who orders Guru Nizam’s Silat for Beginners. So if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and PROVEN way to master the secrets of silatthis is it!

Each Lesson is Taught by a Respected Master of the Silat Martial Art Form…

I give you the FULL ADVANTAGE that comes with my years of experience:  With the techniques in place that I will teach you, you will be ready for full mastery of Silat, even if you’ve never learned martial arts before in your life.

This is a full video course – not a bunch of ebooks that you have to sit and read, but videos that you can watch over and over again, as many times as you need to in order to master the true form and techniques.

You will see these forms demonstrated by me, a 13-year black belt of Silat, and you will be able to gain powerful insight as to why these techniques work the way they do.

I’ve put together only the most effective fundamentals, and I’ve set up the classes in such a way that even the most inexperienced students can gain skills rapidly. You will be amazed after just one week of training how much you will know!

I am used to teaching students of all kinds, and I understand the unique challenges of distance learning when it comes to martial arts. You’ll have full access to ALL of my secret techniques, everything that I teach in my classes where students come to me to learn every day.

And you won’t find these lessons anywhere else on the market because these are my own courses that I’ve developed over years of study and practice…

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

These are just a few of the students in my class. As you can see, I teach all ages, both genders and at a variety of skill levels, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able master these techniques.

I’ve gone out of my way to be sure that even the novice can gain skill quickly and develop a mastery of silat fundamentals.

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

You see, I don’t want you to worry about anything when it comes to learning Silat. In fact, I have done everything in my power to make this as easy as possible for you.

You don’t need to be super fast, incredibly strong, or even very experienced with martial arts at all! In order to master silat with my program, all you need are three things:

      1. A Computer.
      2. An Internet Connection.
      3. A Few Hours Each Week.

That’s it!

You don’t need any fancy equipment or a special type of room or anything complicated. If you have a computer and the internet and are willing to spend the time to learn and practice, You WILL Master Silat!!

Learn the Secret Techniques of Silat, Even if You’ve Never Taken Martial Arts Lessons Before…

(Real Value: $997)

Guru Nizam’s Silat For Beginners!

Silat For BeginnersTM is a distilled, concentrated, “just the facts” 14 video SECRET TRAINING that is jam-packed with no-fluff content you can usetoday to master silat the easy way and fast…PLUS it comes complete with tons of STEP-BY-STEP screenshots showing you exactly what to do!

This is your gateway to the world of silat and the mastery of this ancient martial arts form.

Here I will teach you all of the techniques that have made me a Silat Master, and give you the foundation you need to ascend in the ranks of this martial arts style.

Also, you will gain step-by-step instructions via this series of videos, so that you are never confused about what you need to do next.

Learn at home or on the go: wherever you can take your computer or laptop, you can take Silat for Beginners!

  • Learn Silat Fundamentals from the comfort of your own home.

  • Take advantage of my Amazing 7-Day Step-by-Step program to master Silat Techniques in Record Time!

  • This video series covers everything you need to know, and your one-time purchase gives you access to EVERYTHING! All the secrets, the styles, the forms: You get it all!

  • Gain confidence, strength, and a true mastery of martial arts form, no matter what your level of training.

  • and much more!

While I can’t tell you how long it will take you to become a black belt in Silat, I can tell you that this program will make your learning curve faster, better and easier for you as you go along.

And in 7 days, you will definitely be way ahead of people who don’t have access to my secret techniques.

These Incredible Lessons Can Be Mastered By ANYONE, Regardless of Skill Level!

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Gain Access to these Exclusive Bonuses and Refine

Your Martial Arts Techniques!

I want to do everything in my power to be sure that you succeed with my Silat for Beginner’s course, and so I’m also offering these special bonuses if you sign up today!

These bonuses have a combined value of over $200, but I’m giving them away for FREE with your paid order today!

If you get in before I close the doors (which could be anytime), I’ll give you three special, time-limited bonuses that will help you get going with this even faster

Exclusive Bonus # 1:
“Silat For Beginners Secret Report”

($47 Value)

This secret guide will jump start your Silat for Beginners training in a way you never thought possible. Before you even start the videos, this guide gives you a complete overview of the course, from start to finish. You’ll know just what to expect, and just what to prepare for next as you move from one lesson to the next.

With this guide, you may even be able to cut down on the initial improvement – from 7 days to only 5 days! That means if you start on a Monday, by Friday you’ll be seeing an incredible improvement in your technique.

I put together this secret guide to help those students who really want to get into the details of silat mastery. You’ll be ready to take on each new lesson immediately once you read through this guide and learn its secrets.

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Exclusive Bonus # 2:
“7 Deadly Hand Strike Videos”

($67 Value)

This is the BIG bonus. Everyone who wants to learn silat will want to know these deadly hand strikes, and I’m giving them to you NOW, as my gift to you for buying the Silat for Beginners videos.

You will find these 7 deadly hand strikes demonstrated in clear step-by-step video just like the other silat lessons, which means you’ll be able to master these strikes just as swiftly.

Practicing these techniques will improve your power and abilities with silat, while making you a formidable martial arts opponent.

Capture the excitement and skill of silat through this incredible video that will give you the cutting edge when it comes to deadly strikes!

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Exclusive Bonus # 3:
“12 Months of Private Support From Guru Nizam”

($157 Value)

This is really limited for 66 27 person only. Imagine you get the videos and the guru ready to reply to any of your questions during the training. Use this as an advantage to master this martial arts easily and even effectively.

I understand that learning a new thing might give you some problems – that’s why I will be there to help you. You will be given special email address to send all you question and will be answer within 12-24 hours. That’s how I really appreciate my student.

Order Today and Master Secret Silat Techniques!

Your Own Private Silat Lessons, Taught by a True Master at a Fraction of the Cost

I am very excited to be able to bring you this amazing Silat video series, and I‘ve managed to secure a special introductory rate that will allow the most dedicated students to take advantage of my lessonsat an incredible savings.

However, this special introductory pricing cannot last, as production costs for this level of training are very high.

What I am offering is the chance for the very devoted students of martial arts to have access to the secrets of Silat at an incredible savings.

You would spend thousands of dollars to get this same instruction in person, and that’s not including the cost of the trip overseas!

By acting now, you will have special access to techniques that are highly sought after in the martial arts world, and you will do so knowing that you are getting an incredible value.

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

How much would you pay to be taught by a Master Instructor? $1000? $2000? More? It’s worth every penny, but I know that not everyone can afford these costs.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer this series at an incredible discounted rate. Once I have reached the limit for this introductory offer, you can expect that this price will definitely go up, so I urge you to take advantage now, while the price is still so affordable!

If you order right now and you’ll get my Silat for Beginners course along with both bonuses for…

NOT $1268

NOT $797

NOT $497

NOT $197

NOT even $97

Just A Measly ONE-TIME *$47* If You Act Now

This Special Introductory Pricing Expires Soon, So Order Now!

I can’t guarantee that this pricing won’t go up in another week, or even in the next day. So if you’re serious about mastering the secrets of Silat and you want lessons from a REAL Silat Master, order today!

(Results are not typical and depend on individual efforts)

It’s Time For YOU To Succeed!

I believe Silat For Beginners is what you’ve been craving for so long.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to spend hours of hard training and conventional methods, and not have a way to get it. I’ve been there, and I remember hating every minute of it.

I also know what it’s like to hear how “easy” it is to master this ‘ancient’ and ‘secretive’ martial arts that puzzled a lot of martial arts guru with fast and effective techniques, but not be able to do it for myself, no matter how hard I tried (even working through the whole month).

Silat For Beginners gets you past all of that. You can be seeing real results within days from now. All it takes is one simple decision on your part…

 Yes! Guru Nizam, I Want Silat For Beginners Video Series Training!

Let Me Master The Silat Secrets Before It’s Too Late

I understand I’ll get instant access to all of the Silat For Beginners techniquesfor my one-time payment of only $47.

I know I need to act immediately, before the price goes up without warning.

After my payment goes through, I’ll get instant access to:

The full Silat For Beginners step-by-step videos, which tells me how to implement each of the langkah silat in just hours ($997 value).
The Silat For Beginners secret report, which shows me step-by-step system on how to master the basis of Silat within 7 days from now ($47 value).
The Silat For Beginners bonus videos, which shows me how to implement the hand strike techniques to the opponents in any fighting situation ($67 value).
The Silat For Beginners private support, which gives me the opportunity to ask and solve my training problems with Guru Nizam in 12 months ($157 value).

I know this special pricing won’t last long, so in order to get the best savings on this incredible guide, I’m providing my payment details right now to make this purchase and learn Silat from a True Master!!

My purchase is backed by your 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so I can click the order button below now with confidence…

Why worry about mastering silat for your own benefits when you can just go ahead and do it?

Grab Your Copy Of Silat For Beginners Now Fast!

To Your Success,

BSc. Hons (Science) & MSp. Sc. (Sport Science).

PhD in Silat Coaching (Sports Coaching).

Black Belt (Year 18th, Seni Silat Malaysia).

International Head Coach and Silat Online Guru (PCS, Malaysia).

P.S. I know how disappointing it can be when you aren’t able to master the martial arts skills that you desperately want to learn. My Silat for Beginners program eliminates all the guesswork, so you can learn in record time.

P.P.S. Remember my promise! You have a full 60 days to try out this program. That’s 8 weeks to test Guru Nizam’s Silat for Beginners plus the bonuses. If you aren’t totally satisfied, I give you your money back so there’s no risk!

P.P.P.S. This special pricing probably won’t last too much longer. I’m accepting students for this program from all over the world, and you can be one of them if you act now! – Click here to master silat now!

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