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If you’re a baseball player working towards receiving a college scholarship, increasing your draft-ability, or just looking to earn a roster spot…

If you’ve ever been told that you are too slow or if you’re simply looking to improve your speed so that you stick out more and get noticed by scouts at showcase camps…

then 60 Yard Dash Secrets is for you!

By signing-up for the 6 FREE TIPS you will receive information that you can immediately put to use to improve your 60 Yard Dash and overall baseball speed.  You’ll get instant access to Video Tip 1, and then you’ll receive another installment link in your email every-other-day until you complete all 6 tips.

Can Speed Really Be Improved?
ABSOLUTELY! While it is true that some players are born with genetic advantages over others, most run at speeds well below their genetic ceiling. It’s important to understand that running fast is not purely physical. By incorporating proper mental habits, a well-rounded training program, an understanding of the type of run that you are doing, and proper sprinting mechanics, speed for baseball can be improved greatly (and often noticed in the first training session)! However, similiar to improving at other baseball skills such as hitting, improving your speed requires very hard work. Incorporating new habits into your running form and base stealing start may not be extremely physically demanding, but it does require a constant attention to detail. Only committed athletes should continue reading…

Introducing the “60 Yard Dash Secrets” E-Book:

60 Yard Dash Secrets Ebook

60 Yard Dash Secrets  will show you:

  • How to adjust your steal-start technique to quickly improve your 60 time.
  • Why the 60 yard dash is different than other speed tests and how to manipulate all of the variables so that they are in your favor.
  • How to improve your running mechanics to not only improve your 60-yard dash, but also your home-to-first time, and base stealing ability.
  • Why your mental habits are much more important than you might think in terms of running and how to actually improve them.

    And much, much more…

“With Thurman’s Secrets, My Son Improved Almost a
Full Second In the 60 Yard Dash In Under 30 Days!”

“My son can hit the ball a country mile, and has been told that he has an opportunity to be a high round draft pick. However, he’s also been told that his speed is a liability and that his 60 time needs to improve if he wants to be selected in the top five rounds.

I’ve heard about the magic that Thurman performs in regards to improving 60 yard dash times. My son and I were traveling four hours into Chicago for a showcase camp and we decided to set up a session with him later that same evening.

That morning at the showcase my son was timed at 8.2 seconds in the 60 yard dash and was basically ignored. After performing all day at the camp we met with Thurman. Before teaching anything, he had him warm-up again and run another 60 using the same circumstances that were used at the camp. The result was basically the same… 8.19.

Thurman then spent two hours with my son sharing 60 yard dash secrets, working on his baseball start, and improving his overall running mechanics. I am not lying when I tell you that he ran 7.55 by the end of that session… an improvement of about 0.7 in one session!

We have since traveled back home and my son has been working hard on his own to build on everything that Thurman had taught him.  After about a month, he asked the track coach to re-time him in the 60.  He was now a 7.33. With Thurman’s secrets, he improved almost a full second in the 60 yard dash in under 30 days!

I would absolutely recommend Thurman Hendrix and his 60 Yard Dash Secrets to every position player in baseball!”

Pat Wilson.
Parent of a High School Baseball Player
Disclaimer: The above testimonial is NOT typical. The main thing this player was doing incorrectly was that he wasn’t running straight (thus adding distance to his run). By getting him to simply focus on a target straight ahead we were able to improve his time very quickly. All athletes are different, but with hard work, typical expected results are usually up to around 0.30. Please read the full disclaimer here.
What Could More Speed Mean to You?

  • More playing time.
  • The ability to appear to be a better hitter. More infield hits = a higher batting average.
  • Perhaps Millions of $$$ if you are able to improve your draft standing.
  • More realistically, a college scholarship –
    (which for some equates to a total savings of over $100,000).
  • And probably most important…

    The ability to get to the next level. If speed is the deciding factor in determining if you make a pro, college, high-school, or travel ball team, then speed gave you the opportunity to make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Here’s an Example…
“My Speed Went from Being a Liability,
to Being Average, to Being a Tool!”

“I have heard people say that speed is something that you’re either born with or without. Well, I am proof that speed can be taught and enhanced. About ten years ago when I was in high school, Division I college coaches and scouts would come and watch me play. I heard the same remarks from everyone. He is a good player, but he’s too slow. He has the other tools, but he can’t run.

I was not going to let these people tell me I could not achieve my goals because I was too slow. So, I accepted a scholarship to a Division II school.  After my freshman year in college, I decided to train with Thurman. The first day we worked he tested me in the 60-yard-dash. The results were what everyone was telling me, 7.25 seconds, too slow for a middle infielder in professional baseball, even too slow for Division I.  

After training with Thurman for a summer, I saw my 60 yard dash time drop from 7.2 to 6.9 seconds. I was then able to transfer to a Division I university because I now had adequate speed. I continued to train with Thurman after each of my next two college seasons andwe kept on seeing improvement… 6.85, 6.8, and finally 6.75 seconds (my personal best).  My speed went from being a liability, to being average, to being a tool!

In June 2003, I was selected by the Florida Marlins in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball draft. Although I did not make the Major Leagues, I achieved more than what anyone expected of me. I personally believe that I would not have had the opportunity to play Division I or professional baseball if it was not for the help and guidance of Thurman Hendrix. Thanks Thurm!”

Joe Mazzuca
Former Draft Pick of the Florida Marlins
Disclaimer: As you can see, Joe worked very hard. He did not improve from a 7.25 to a 6.75 over night. It took him 3 summers of private training with me to ultimately reach his goal. Please read the full disclaimer here.
So What Did More Speed Mean for Joe?
Here is a player that had every other tool, but speed.  Had he not gained speed he would have never been able to earn a Division I scholarship and hit a home run in Rosenblatt Stadium, the home of the College World Series.  Had he not gained speed, he would have never been able to receive a paycheck for playing baseball and live the minor league life of long road trips and small towns.  Had he not gained speed, he would have never been able to play on the Italian National Team and travel all over Europe, Cuba, and Taiwan.  He gained memories and stories to tell his family, friends, children, and grandchildren for the rest of his life.  All because he gained a few tenths-of-a-second!
Meet Your “Baseball Speed Coach”…

Hi my name is Thurman Hendrix.  As a sports performance and speed coach, I’ve helped hundreds of athletes get to the next level by improving their sport-specific speed.  Now I want to help you.

A little more about me:

  • Former Professional Baseball Player
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.)                                       from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) 
  • Have trained baseball players from the following organizations:
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Florida Marlins
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Minnesota Twins
  • New York Mets
  • Oakland Athletics
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Washington Nationals

Even though I have trained many professional baseball players, a majority of my clients are high school or college athletes looking to either get drafted, earn a scholarship, increase their playing time, or simply make a team.

As a former pro baseball player myself, I completely understand the baseball recruiting process and how difficult it can be to stick out and get noticed by coaches or scouts.  At most showcase camps, the 60 yard dash is usually the first thing that is performed after the warm-up.  Many coaches will use this test to weed players out.  In other words, if you do not run a certain time that is appropriate for your position they may cross out your name and not even look at what you do during the rest of the showcase.

I do not feel that the 60 yard dash is the best test to measure baseball speed and I discuss this at great length in 60 Yard Dash Secrets.  However, since the 60 is the standard baseball speed measurement, I have studied it for years in order to help my players improve their times and achieve their goals.

I not only teach how to improve “real” speed, but also to understand the unique variables that this test entails.  By truly understanding the rules of this assessment and the way in which it is measured, it is very easy to improve your time… and to improve it quickly!

How Much Do I Charge?
There are three ways that you can learn my system for improving your baseball speed:

Option 1:  Train with Me in a Private Session = $250 – $1,000+

If you live in suburban Chicago, I can train you privately.  I offer a two-hour 60 yard dash assessment and consultation for $250 and then many athletes choose to continue working with me on an ongoing basis.  Click here for more info on Private Training.

Option 2:  Enroll in One of My Group 60 Yard Dash Clinics = $75 – $125

I also offer periodic group clinics (generally in the Chicagoland area) for $75 with an option to upgrade to have your running form filmed and critiqued for an extra $50.
Click here for more info on my group 60 Yard Dash Clinics.

Option 3:  Get the 60 Yard Dash Secrets E-Book = $29.95

60 Yard Dash Secrets will provide you with all of the information that you would learn from me if training in-person.  It will also show you how to film your sprints so that they can be accurately assessed.  You can download the 60 Yard Dash Secrets E-Bookinstantly because it is a PDF file, save it to your computer to read whenever you want, and print selected pages or the whole thing.

Chances are that your computer is set-up to download PDF files, but just in case…
Click here to do a test E-Book download
(If the above test doesn’t work… download the Adobe Reader Software here for free)

If you ACT NOW, I will also throw in 4 SPECIAL BONUSES (worth a combined value of $140) for NO EXTRA CHARGE! – See Below

Don’t Let the Title Fool You
Even though the main focus of this book is to teach you how to “BEAT” the 60 yard dash, it also covers the following topics as well:

  • An entire chapter on improving your Home-to-First-Time.  This test for baseball speed is gaining popularity among scouts because it is usually easier to measure and much more practical than a 60 yard dash.
  • Another chapter dedicated to improving the power of your mind as it pertains to changing bad habits and improving your brain’s processing speed.  Obviously, this will not only improve your running form and ability to get better jumps, but will also improve your performance in many other aspects of the game and in life.
  • A complete discussion on the baseball start.  Learn why I teach my players a revolutionary new steal-start technique.
  • Two chapters dedicated to proper running form along with my beliefs on the use of resistance and assistance speed training drills such as parachute runs and hill training.
  • A summary of other forms of speed in baseball – Specifically how to properly round 1B, first-to-third speed, and stealing 2B and 3B.

New Steal Start is Catching On with Coaches As Well

“Thurman’s Baseball-Specific Start and Speed Program Helped Us to Be Among the National Leaders in Stolen Bases in 2008!” Bill Kurich Head Baseball Coach NCAA Division III Baseball Program
Disclaimer: Coach Kurich’s team worked the entire off-season on improving their ability to get good jumps, overall running form, and baseball-specific starts. I did come out to give a clinic, but ultimately it was their hard work that helped them realize their goals. Please read the full disclaimer here.

Act Now for 4 Special Bonuses (Absolutely No Extra Charge)!

Bonus 1

A Complete 60 Yard Dash & Baseball Speed Training Program
($50 Value).

  • A 44 page plan that comes with detailed descriptions and pictures of each exercise. This program requires very little equipment (stability ball, mini-band, and foam roller), and alternative exercises are provided if you do not have access to this equipment.  The program addresses:
  • Flexibility exercises specific to sprinting.
  • Core stabilization drills to decrease injuries and improve energy transfer from your arms to your legs.
  • Strength and power exercises to improve your force production, absorption, and explosiveness.
  • Sprinting exercises specific to baseball players.
  • Visualization and other mind/body drills to ingrain proper mental habits and improve your reaction time.
  • And regeneration exercises to help you recover for your next workout.

Bonus 2
Personal Video Critique of Your Running Form
($50 Value).

        • If you video yourself performing your sprints (following the directions given in the book) and would like to send it to me, I will personally write you an email of my thoughts.

Bonus 3
Priority Chart for 60 Yard Dash Improvement
($20 Value).

        • This chart lists the order in which you should work on certain issues to improve your 60 yard dash and overall speed for baseball.  To give you an example… Should you work on shedding body fat prior to improving your baseball-specific start?  This chart has the answers!

Bonus 4
Quick Reference Guide for the 60 Yard Dash & Baseball Speed Program
($20 Value).

        • A listing of all the different workout routines from Bonus #1 into a handy one-page chart. This is very convenient to have after you learn all of the exercises and no longer need to look back at their descriptions.


Bobby Ran a 6.5 Sec 60 (At An Invite Only Showcase)
On a Day When Only One Other Player Broke 7.0!

“I am one of those guys lucky enough to have been born with pretty good speed. However, I realized at an early age that I wanted my running ability to be something that scouts would notice immediately. Without doing any training, I would guess that I’m capable of running about a 6.8 second, 60 yard dash. Good enough to be considered fast, but not off-the-charts special.

I decided to start training with Thurman Hendrix with the hopes of taking my speed to the next level. It obviously worked because I ran a 6.5 second 60 at an invitational only baseball showcase on a day in which only one other player was able to break 7.0 seconds.

The one thing that I have learned about the 60 yard dash is that there are a lot of variables. The wind, running surface, timing mechanism, etc. are all things that can greatly affect your time. Thurman has taught me that what is really important is how my time compares to other players that get tested on the same day, and under the same circumstances. Obviously, a 6.5 is good, but to run it on a day when only one other player broke 7.0 (at an invite only camp with the best players in the state) truly vaulted my status among the 30+ scouts in attendance!”  

Bobby Stevens
Baltimore Orioles Organization
Disclaimer: Obviously, Bobby was fast to begin with, but what his testimonial kind of blows over is how hard he (mentally) worked to get the 0.30 improvement that he talks about. He tediously studied how to manipulate all the variables of a particular 60 yard dash test so that they worked with him and not against him. Please read the full disclaimer here.
My Guarantee to You
I’m so sure that 60 Yard Dash Secrets will help you that I’m offering a 60-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeThat’s right, you can “test-drive” 60 Yard Dash Secrets for a full 60 days, and then if you don’t think it’s going to improve your baseball speed, just email me, and I’ll refund every penny.

I won’t have a customer service representative make up some ticky-tack reason why you can’t get your money back. I won’t try to convince you to try the exercises for a few more days.  I won’t even ask if you looked over and actually read the book.  I’ll just give you all your money back… no questions asked!

Why do I offer this?  The answer is simple.  I know you (or your parents) work hard for your money, and you probably don’t just buy things on the Internet every day just for kicks.

If you’ve come to this website and read this far, I assume that improving your 60 yard dash and baseball speed must be pretty important to you.  I made 60 Yard Dash Secrets to help people like you do just that.  If it doesn’t help you, then I want you to have your money back.

Baseball Speed Book
P.S. I’ve poured everything that I know into 60 Yard Dash Secrets to help you improve your 60 time and overall baseball speed so that you can get to the next level.  You’ll get four great bonuses with your order and there’s a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Why not get started today?

NOTE:  60 Yard Dash Secrets is a downloadable E-Book. No physical products will actually be shipped. After ordering, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the E-Book and all of the bonuses onto your computer. The file is a PDF, which can be viewed on a Mac or PC.

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