Krav Maga In No Time

From Guy Dar: Israeli Krav Maga Dan 8 master and the founder of Krav Maga Maleh.

When there is a fight, you need to end it in seconds. Your major problem is to not hesitate. The solution to hesitation is to know how to respond automatically to the attack you may face. Learning Krav Maga by watching and practicing the techniques in the video course many times can lead you to a point where you will respond automatically towards an attack.

Learning self-defense can save your life; there is no question about it. I’m sure that there is no need to convince you about the effectiveness of Krav Maga. Krav Maga is strictly designed for self-defense in real street fighting. Krav Maga is in use by elite units such as the CIA, FBI and the Israeli army. Its uniqueness is in its ability to end a fight in seconds. It’s based upon the natural moves of the human body, thus it is easy to learn and remember. Learn krav maga directly from the Israeli source.

Knowing how to protect yourself is like having an insurance. Both are important if something bad happens. Just imagine what it will be like if you suddenly get attacked. What would you do?

Uncover Krav Maga In No Time, the best street fighting self-defense course.

I have 30 years of experience in Krav Maga and have worked as a top instructor for police units and security services around the world. I have trained many civilian men, women and children as well.

Now you too can learn the exact same moves that are taught in my own classes. You will see in this special video course that I am not only presenting the right moves, but I also explain directly to you, the viewer, exactly what I am doing. In that way, there is no difference relative to practicing in my self-defense class. The only difference is one that benefits you, as you are able to watch the videos as frequently as you need, watching the exact techniques that you wish to master.

The Krav Maga In No Time video course consists of 27 high quality HD format videos teaching you how to win and get out unharmed from a face-to-face attack.

You will learn to use the natural movements of your body to defend yourself and move to a counterattack.

The basic principle of Krav Maga is minimum defense against maximum attack. This principle is embedded in each of the moves. Each movie shows a certain move of defense or attack accompanied by a straight-to-the-eye explanation. Then the move is shown in slow motion so that you are able to observe each detail.

Imagine you are the victim of a street attack. What can happen to you if you don’t know how to defend yourself? Utilizing this course will enable you to defend yourself with no fear when someone, no matter how big or strong, is attacking you. You will learn how to do the following automatically:

Using hand strikes to defend and attack.

Using kicks to defend and attack.

Special defense against a stick attack.

Special defense against a knife attack.

And much more…

Look what these real people (No fake testimonials!) are saying about “krav maga in no time”:

I’m In, But How Much Does The Course Cost?

This is an organized course created by myself and filled with my 30 years of experience and expertise.

Taking this into consideration, I could put a price tag of at least several hundred dollars, according to the market. It’s very reasonable to pay, for example, at least a $149 one-time payment for a home study self-defense course. This is also much cheaper than paying for ongoing self-defense classes.

Nevertheless, I decided to let you have three options to have the course:

You can receive Krav Maga In No Time home study course, for only $57 plus a shipping cost and still watch it online immediately after purchase.

Delivery time spans between 10 to 21 business days, depending on the destination. However, immediately following your purchase you will be able to view the videos online.

Don’t delay the possibility to take things into your own hands right now. Most of the delays end eventually in doing nothing. It’s so easy to take the step right now. I am letting you have both courses in a very reasnable price. Especially for the opportunity to save your life.

Gain instant access to Krav Maga In No Time for only $57!

It is priceless if it can save your life!

The special elite forces Krav Maga In No Time is yours for  ONLY $57

krav maga in no time

And that’s not all!

Act now and you will also receive the following bonuses – FREE!

Fast action Bonus #1 “Keeping Watch’: Strategies for Non Violent Self-Defense”. Value: $47 – Yours FREE

I believe that you should stay away from violence as much as possible. It is better to not face violence and have to activate the moves from the Krav Maga In No Time course. This eBook contains very useful strategies that can teach you and your children how to identify danger and avoid entering into it. You will learn the safety procedures that will keep you from trouble. Specific places, for instance near an ATM or next to your car, can invite special dangers. You will learn how to avoid those dangers located in various places and to prevent burglars from entering your home as well. More than that, you will learn tricks that you can teach your children to help them identify a danger before it reaches them.

Fast action Bonus #2 “Self Defense for Women: Threats and Strategies” Value: $47 – Yours FREE!

This special eBook designed specifically for women provides extremely useful advice to protect you against rape and other violent attacks. Many times a rape can be avoided! Read these priceless tips carefully and hopefully you won’t have to use them. Even if you remember one tip at the exact moment you need it, it can be worth everything. I hope you will never have to use these tips.

My commitment and money guarantee

I am so sure that practicing Krav Maga In No Time will prepare you for an imposed fight that I am prepared to back up my strong belief with a full money back guarantee, putting my money where my mouth is.

Below please find my No-Risk 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Gain instant access to Krav Maga In No Time for only $57!

It is priceless if it can save your life!

The special elite forces Krav Maga In No Time is yours for  ONLY $57

krav maga in no time

A couple of days from now you will be in a position to defend yourself!
Get the online version now and you will have the same secret moves used by Special Forces around the world.
To your safety,
Guy Dar

P.S. Krav Maga is the same self-defense method that is in use by the CIA, FBI, Israeli Army and special troops around the world. If you watch the moves and practice them many times with the video in front of your eyes as a raw model to copy, you can defend yourself without being paralyzed if someone attacks you.

P.P.S. Don’t delay the possibility to start learning how to defend yourself now with the world’s leading method of self-defense. As with a lot of things in life, it is easy to delay and then do nothing at all. Get the online version now and ensure that you take the first and important step to defend yourself. Take an action right now because your life are priceless. You can do it by clicking here.


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