Improve Bowling Review

Improve Bowling promises to teach you a system that will have you bowling like an expert through simple, step-by-step instructions. That’s an ambitious claim; is it a realistic one? Can this bowling guide really give you the skills you need to start knocking down strikes time after time?


First of all, Improve Bowling is the work of John Callen, who’s been bowling regularly for nearly fifteen¬†years and has spent a lot of that time watching, learning and putting the knowledge he’s gained into practice. That gives him the right background to write a guide to expert bowling and he’s certainly put an impressive collection of knowledge into this book. His experience, and the depth of research he’s clearly done, give the book a lot of credibility.

The biggest question about the book is obviously “What exactly is “Improve Bowling”? It’s marketed as a comprehensive guide to the techniques used by pro bowlers, which have been collected and explained so anybody can put them to use. A big selling point is its simplicity; the advice inside is just as relevant to a complete novice as to an expert who wants to put a final polish on his game.

The best thing about this manual is that all the advice is easy to follow. There isn’t a mass of technical detail that’s hard to understand – just simple, sensible tips and techniques that anyone can quickly master. What’s most impressive is the way it homes in on the fundamentals – the things that, if put into practice, set the stage for some great bowling performances.

A look at the contents page makes it clear that this book really does cover it all. There are sections on choosing and caring for the perfect equipment, setting up a position for a great delivery, adjusting technique to suit any lane and assessing performance to identify – and cure – bad habits. There’s something in here for everyone, and no aspect of the game has been overlooked. Here’s a small sample of what’s covered:

  • Why ball weight matters – and what most people get wrong.
  • Why the right gear adjustment makes a huge difference.
  • How to tell if a shot’s good or bad the moment it leaves your hand – and how to do better next time.
  • How the pros pull off the most amazing spares.

Of course a book can never substitute for the experience of working with a personal coach, but that’s too expensive for most people. This is a realistic alternative that anyone can afford, bringing you a pro coach’s knowledge in a convenient format that’s easy to put into practice.

Improve Bowling isn’t just another how-to book. In fact it’s unique – there’s nothing else like this available. This is the ultimate insider’s guide to improving bowling performance, getting into a league and even winning some trophies. The advice inside really is that good. If you want to be the envy of your friends at the lanes this is highly recommended.

You can visit the website of this bowling guide to learn more on how to bowl better.


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