Daily Archives: 06/05/2018

The Ultimate Bowling Guide.

  Discover the Secret for Throwing More Strikes, Picking Up “Impossible” Spares… & Humiliating Your Bowling Buddies Frame After Frame! –by Dean Shaw Just the other day.. a fellow from the Midwest sent me an email. He said, “Dean, can you tell me how to improve my bowling game? Every time I go out with my buddies, I seem to come in ...

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The Point Guard Academy Vol 2.

BECOME THE ALPHA  DOMINATE ON THE COURT  BECOME THE GAME’S ELITE . . Back To School Special! Over 70% Off PGA Vol. 2 Elite Basketball Training Specifically Designed and Engineered for Point Guards What Is It? The Point Guard Academy Vol. 2 is a comprehensive Academy of Skill, Leadership & Mentality Training. Six on court modules with progressive training sessions includingnearly ...

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