Want a Strong Lean Body And Some Hot Legs?

Like most people, I have been suckered more times by empty promises than I care to admit. Especially when it comes to that seemingly eternal problem of weight control and how to build a pair of www.hotlegsworkout.com. You can probably relate to what I am about to tell you. We all know that weight loss diet plans, pills and supplements have been around for years. The people who push them use terms like ‘rapid’, ‘fast’, and ‘easy’, and of course our ears prick up right away. We start taking these things, go on and off diets, and start and stop the latest exercise fad. In short, we are a lot like those mice you see on the wheel, going around and around but never really getting anywhere. Sound familiar?

Yet no matter how many failed programs we have participated in, we still desire that toned firm body, and for most women our lack of a pair of hot legs can almost seem to be our downfall.

Many diet pills and weight loss supplements work by suppressing your appetite. The problem is, this works against the body and it can never provide you with a strong, lean healthy body – which is what we all really want, right? Suppressing your appetite is likely to send your body into ‘survival mode’, forcing it to hold onto every scrap of fat, and in the process become even fatter than it was! This ancient mechanism is hardwired into our genes, because when food was scarce the human body was able to use this mechanism to protect itself from starvation.

The World Heath Organization states that a diet consisting of anything below 1800 calories per day for women and 2400 for men is a starvation diet. Yet millions of people, right at this very moment, are forcing their body to make do with even less than this meager amount of food in the hope they will lose body fat. But any diet with calorie levels this low will trigger the slowdown of the metabolism and put the brakes on fat loss.

Worse yet is that even if some weight is lost this way it will unfortunately be at the expense of some of your precious fat burning machinery – your muscle tissue. This makes future fat loss almost impossible since damage has now been done to your metabolic engine, causing it to permanently burn less fuel (calories).

There is a far better way to lose excess body fat and it is the opposite of trying to force your body into doing something that works against our basic biology. It is called getting healthy, and it simply involves exercising your muscles with proper exercise, and also eating enough natural food to supply the energy needed for your exercise program. This is the only way you will ever get that firm toned body and a great pair of legs.

This natural approach to weight loss works better because it makes your body work more efficiently. Your metabolism is boosted, and causes more fuel to be burned per unit time. It is the most successful method of long-term weight loss simply because you are using your body in the right way.

The fact is that no amount of low intensity activity such as walking, jogging, or cycling will give you the metabolism boosting benefits that strength training will give you. These activities will never be intense enough to build a strong, hot pair of legs – which is the one thing most women would love to possess.

You can control your weight with regular strength training, and, over time, bring your body fat percentage into a healthy range. And as a bonus with this special type of exercise, remember that strong muscles will improve your looks, because when muscles get stronger they give us a more pleasing body shape – tighter and firmer.

The bottom line is that natural physique development works the best. There is not a pill, injection, implant, or surgeon in the world that can give us what we can give ourselves – a strong, lean, shapely, energetic, and healthy body with a pair of hot shapely legs.

To get started on your own plan to kick off the pavement with a pair of smoking hot legs, check out ex-bodybuilding champion Carolyn Hansen’s product www.hotlegsworkout.com


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