Boxing Fitness Foundations

Burn Body Fat Fast, Lose 10 or More Pounds of Weight at Home in 45 Days with the Boxing Fitness Foundation System…

Are you tired of feeling tired? Sick of feeling drained? Are you ready to lose weight?

Are you looking for a better way to get in great shape, lose weight, improve your energy levels, all while training in the privacy of your own home? If so, you’re in the right place!

Are you truly happy with what you see in the mirror?Or would you like to upgrade your present physical condition?

My name is Jake Toney and I’m the Creator of Boxing Fitness Foundations. I’m a 52 year old body transformation coach, former natural bodybuilder and online personal trainer… 100% devoted and focused on spreading my health, fitness and nutrition teachings worldwide.

You’re about to get some awesome boxing fitness and training experiences that I have to share with you. Provided you’re interested in losing weight, flattening your stomach and getting in butt-kicking condition.

Do You Want PROOF This Works?

One of the reasons this training is so SWEET… is because I’ve found ways to make you healthy, fit, strong, muscular and fat-free without so much as touching a weight. Truth is I haven’t lifted weights myself in going on 4 years

You know why, because you don’t really need them.. IF you know just a handful of the secrets I share in this program!

Boxing Fitness Foundations is designed to help people who have been inactive and really want to get back in shape, but need  some specific direction. It can be brutally hard to become active, especially when it’s inconvenient to do so. Which is why I created a program with all of the instructions, video training and support you need to get the ball rolling (Grin!).

Here’s Your Proof…

They say that seeing is believing. So when you view the video below, ask yourself how it’s possible for a man in his 50’s, who does NOT lift weights to be muscular, strong and in great shape. Let me tell you the answer, “Boxing Fitness (& Other Secrets)!”… You too can get in crazy good shape (no hype, just the facts).

Boxing Fitness Foundations

Here’s What’s Included:

  1. Six (6) Training Videos: Exercises, Training & More!
  2. Boxing Fit Fanatic, Free Newsletter Subscribe Below…
  3. Downloadable Weekly Training Guides.


A. Free Nutrition Assessment (upon completion) $199 Value.
B. Free 7 Day Trial to The Boxing Fitness Lab $47.
C. Free One on One Coaching Call $199 Value.
$445.00 in Bonuses…

This is insane! Are you ready to do this? If the answer is only maybe, then please do NOT hit the button and pay. You must be in it to WIN IT… or please don’t join. 

This product is raw and real, not High Definition and fancy. It’s about helping you take your fitness to the next level. This is not for individuals that are advanced, like Triathlon and Marathon competitors, but normal every day people that want change and want it NOW!

Why Boxing Fitness?


 Boxing Fitness Burns a Huge Amount of Calories when done *Right*.

 Workouts are Quick and Help You Burn More Fat than Steady State Cardio.

 You Need Minimal Equipment (a Jump Rope and Roll of Coins will get you started).

 Boxing Fitness Foundations is the Gateway to Two Other Programs Designed for Your Long-Term Success…

 Super-Convenient, You Can Get in Great Shape at Home (which has several benefits).

Why Boxing Fitness Will Work For Y-O-U:


 Burns Calories Faster… and Longer (even when you’re not exercising).

 Melts Fat Off Your Body & Super Charge Your Metabolism (Step by Step Action Plan).

 Tones, Strengthens and You Feel Your Muscles Getting Stronger (and Harder!).

 Your Energy Levels will S-H-O-O-T throught the ROOF!!!

 Learn Valuable Skills that You Can Keep for a Lifetime…

 You’re Ready to Lose Weight and This is “Not a Coincidence!”

Are You Ready to Fight for a New You?

Let’s face it… nothing is going to get better without honest, consistent effort being put forth. Deep, deep, deep down inside you know that things have to change. This is your chance to start your transformation journey, your chance to get in awesome condition, your chance to lose the weight you’ve been wanting to get rid of for ages. You can do this, but you have to take the next step!


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