6 Dollar Diet – Our $2.57 Meaty Tasty Lunch Will Burn Fat For 13 Hours

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Our $2.57 meaty & tasty lunch will burn fat for 13 hours

Stop using detox diets, low carb diets & low calorie diets…

Wait. Before you proceed, we want to be sure our diet meets your expectations.

Our diet is not about getting ripped six pack abs or supermodel body. Not at all. Getting to such a low body fat is very impractical and bad for your hormones and mood.

Instead of getting you ripped, we want to help you lose all your excess weight fast – so that you end up being slim and healthy once again.

If you’d like results such as below… then our diet is perfect for you. Making you slim and healthy FAST is our one and only goal.

Introducing the 6 Dollar Diet…

If you’re sick and tired of being overweight, being burdened with weight-related diseases, using diets from “experts” that fail to work… then you need to listen very carefully to what we’re about to say.

What we’re about to tell you goes against all the usual weight loss and dieting norms. You can forget about those nonsense flat belly detox scams and the dozens of restrictive fad diets that are impossible to stick to.

Worst are the hundreds of variations of crash diets that make losing weight a frightening experience. If you do lose some weight on a detox, fad or crash diet… you’ll gain it all back once you quit the diet and start eating normally (which you will). So what’s the point?

After 13 years of painstakingly testing every type of diet, weight loss pills & supplements and weight loss exercise programs, we finally discovered that losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, costly, time consuming or slow in progress.

In fact, we discovered an exact formula that makes weight loss very easy and simple. Our diet can help you steadily lose up to 7 lbs (3 kgs) or more every 11 days.

And you can do this while eating very well on a $6.00 per day food budget with minimal cooking.
The 6 Dollar Diet has been extensively tested in real life on men and women of various ethnicities aged between 23 and 87… and it performed perfectly in each and every case… proving once again that the core principles of weight loss are the same, regardless of who you are.

We’ve also removed all the guesswork and fine-tuned our diet into a 100% foolproof easy-to-follow system. So all you have to do is follow our simple system and it’s guaranteed to work for you too.

9 harsh realities you’ll uncover about weight loss

Other weight loss methods have 97% failure rate and 93% of weight lost is quickly gained back as rebound weight gain. Here’s why…

Detox & cleansing diets waste your money with no real results

This trendy fad diet is the most misleading diet out there. Those pushing detox diets claim that your body is full of toxins and that’s why you’re holding on to excess weight.

They believe that once you’ve flushed the toxins out of your body you’ll be able to easily lose weight. Detox diets mainly involve fasting and consuming special liquid drinks.

Unfortunately the detox diet theory is medically flawed. Your liver is your largest, most resilient internal organ and it’s perfectly capable of flushing out toxins from your body.

If toxins were really accumulating in your body, it would imply that your liver has failed. And in that case you’d already be dead. Any doctor will easily verify this medical fact for you.

The excess weight you carry is fat and its presences has nothing to do with toxins. Please do not fall for any detox-based diet scams.

The reality is that detox diets have potentially dangerous side effects such as low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Hence why doctors strongly recommend their patients to avoid detox diets.

You’ll only waste your hard-earned money on useless liquid drinks that will do nothing to help you lose weight. If you do lose weight, it will be due to the change in your caloric intake – not from the detox itself.

And this weight loss will be short lived as you’ll gain it all back once you start eating normally. This is a HUGE waste of time, money and effort.

Shakes, juices & smoothies add more stubborn fat to your body

Most people automatically associate going on a diet with consuming shakes, juices, smoothies and meal replacements. And this is one of the main reasons why the majority of people fail to lose weight and keep it off.

Because eating “light” is one of the worst ways to approach weight loss. If fact, using shakes, juices, smoothies & meal replacements is an excellent way to gain even more weight. Here’s why.

After consuming a light meal, your body will quickly be able to digest and absorb that meal. The faster your body digests food, the more fat storing hormones are released into your bloodstream.

So unless you’re super active with high energy demands, the bulk of the calories you consume will be quickly stored as fat.

This is the exact scenario you should be avoiding at all costs. The worst part is that due to the rapid digestion, you’ll become hungry again within a few short hours. You’ll then consume another light meal and store even more calories as fat.

Besides, your body doesn’t know how to compensate for liquid calories. This means your body fails to detect the liquid calories as proper sustenance. Intense hunger pangs will eventually force you to more than make up for the calorie shortfall.

So you don’t eat any less just because you’ve drunk your calories. The opposite happens. The bottom line is that diets that require dieters to consume light meals or endure hunger even for a few hours a day NEVER seem to work. They always fail while leaving you miserable.

Pills & supplements will leave you broke or even dead

There isn’t a single pill or supplement out there that will magically melt away the fat from your body. If there were such a product, you’d be slim right now and our site would be of no interest to you.

We’ve carefully tested virtually every regulated diet pill on the market and none have produced even the slightest fat loss.

Diet pills available from unregulated online sites contain dangerous chemicals such as Dinitrophenol. Such diet pills are very expensive and have already killed 67 people so far.

Hundreds of other dieters using Dinitrophenol have also had chronic life-changing illnesses from its usage. Whatever you do please stay well away from all types of diet pills and supplements.

Your life is simply not worth the risk especially when we already have developed the smartest, cheapest & easiest way to lose all your excess weight fast – completely naturally.

Low carb diets are impossible to stick to & gives you false hope

Your brain needs glucose for energy and consuming carbohydrates (carbs) is the most practical way to feed your brain. Going on a low carb diet will rob your brain of what it really needs.

You’ll basically be battling against the smartest organ in your body. So you’ll end up being very lethargic, irritable and moody. And before you know it you’ll quit your diet.

This is why low carb diets have 100% failure rate with the average dieter. To make matters worse, most well-known low carb diets involve consuming almost no carbs at all.

Only the strictest of all dieters could handle such a diet. And even then it would be for very short periods only. The average person will quit a low carb diet in a matter of days.

The worst part is that low carb diets will fool you with “false weight loss”. You see, carbs are converted into glycogen and stored in your muscles. Every gram of glycogen holds 3 grams of water. On a low carb diet you deplete your glycogen and hence you lose water weight.

You’ll temporarily look a bit leaner and weigh less too. But that’s just water weight that you would’ve lost – NOT actual body fat. You’ll gain it all back once you start eating carbs again (which you will). 

Removing a food group such as carbs from your diet will not magically solve your weight problem. There are nations such as Japan that eat a lot of carbs but with almost no obesity issues at all. They also enjoy one of the healthiest and longest lives.

Also, low carb diets have been around for decades yet obesity rates are at all time high. Stop believing all the hype around low carb diets. You’ll never meet a person who has lost weight and successfully kept it off for life simply by cutting carbs. So stop pursuing a diet that’s guaranteed to fail.

Low fat diets always backfire and will age you fast

It was the early 90’s when the low fat food craze started, which still persists to this day. Food marketers capitalized on this by using labels such as “low fat”, “fat free” and “99% fat free”. 

Low fat foods are almost always packed with excessive amounts of hidden sugar. Even foods that don’t taste “sweet” are usually saturated with sugar. Their food labels will trick you into thinking that you’re buying something healthy.

Consumers who bought into the fat free idea suffered as a result. The evidence is clear. Our population has been getting fatter and fatter since the 90’s. Why?

Because the right types of dietary fats are vital for losing weight and also for your health in general. Going on a low fat diet will upset your main fat burning hormones.

The lack of this vital nutrition will also accelerate your aging process and make you look as much as 11 years older.

Besides, consuming fatty food doesn’t necessarily equate to gaining body fat. Fatty food is broken down just like everything else you consume.

It’s actually impossible to consistently lose weight and keep it off without consuming certain types of fats on a daily basis. But the “health food” companies will never tell you this.

Low calorie diets will make losing weight impossible

Low calorie diets are self-destructive. The more you starve your body of calories, the more your body will try and hold on to your stored body fat.

Once your body detects a sharp drop in calories from your diet, it will drastically reduce your fat burning hormones and dramatically increase your fat storing hormones. It’s your body’s natural survival response to combat starvation.

So, if you do lose some weight by starving yourself, it will mainly be water and muscle tissues. And even that weight loss will soon grind to a halt as you hit dieting plateau.

From there on you’ll find it impossible to reduce your calories any further or to carry on with the diet. This is why it’s impossible to lose weight using low calorie diets.

WARNING: low calorie diets will give you the largest rebound weight gain. After you get off the diet, you’ll gain more weight than what you started with.

This happens because on a low calorie diet, your body’s starvation switch gets turned on. And after you get off the diet, your body overcompensates for the lack of calories over the diet period by accelerating fat storage. Avoid such a diet at all costs.

Most diets are too impractical and contain made-up “secrets”

Common diets such as Atkins, Paleo, Keto, South Beach and Zone have a major flaw. They all have a horrendous dropout rate. Restrictive and complicated diets are not practical for the everyday person.

An extensive research conducted by Yale University showed that only 2.1% of all people are able to stick to a strict dieting program for more than 17 days. Our general population trials showed that 97.33% of people abandoned their strict diet by the 13th day.

Many strict diets require you to record the calories of everything you eat. Some diets even want you to weigh all the food you consume. The real impractical diets give you tricky recipes to follow.

Such recipes require ingredients that are expensive to purchase and time-consuming to prepare. Some recipes even require visits to specialty stores just to source the ingredients.

And then we have diets that claim to have the secret to boosting your metabolism through meal timing or intermittent fasting. According to the National Institute of Health (and our extensive research), both these methods have been proven to lead to long-term compulsive and dangerous binge eating behavior.

Other diets preach carb cycling or some other unscientific made-up method that’s guaranteed to fail. Your life is busy and complicated enough already. You don’t need another set of problems to add to your already long list of things to think about. Especially when those approaches will not lead to sustained weight loss.

Exercise doesn’t address your weight problem at all

Doing short moderate to high intensity exercise three times a week is great for your health and fitness. But relying on exercise to help you lose weight is something that doesn’t work and can actually force your body to put on more weight. Here’s why.

If you try to burn off calories by exercising, you will end up exercising too frequently for prolonged periods. Doing so will release the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Frequent release of cortisol has been proven to lead to subconscious overeating and strong cravings for sugary foods. So you’ll end up gaining weight without even realizing it.

Too much exercise can also drastically increase your hunger hormone called ghrelin while suppress your satiety hormone called leptin. Your urge to eat anything and everything will become almost uncontrollable.

Exercise has its place but it’s not something you can rely on for weight loss. You cannot “burn off” a bad diet by doing cardio for an hour. Your body just doesn’t function that way.

You cannot spot reduce belly fat regardless of what you try

Anytime you hear someone claiming to have a “One Trick”, “Weird Method” or a “Secret Exercise” to banish belly fat – it’s a straight out scam. It’s not just misleading, but it’s an actual scam. These people should be locked up.

It’s also a scam when someone claims that certain foods add fat to your belly or there are some foods or drinks that can reduce belly fat. These are all pitiful lies setting you up for a sales pitch for some useless gimmick.

Here are the facts about belly fat. Belly fat is your energy reserve. For males, your body stores most of your fat around your belly because that’s where it’s the least intrusive. Imagine having all that fat around your arms instead. Not very practical is it? Nature is smarter than that.

Females also get some degree of belly fat. But fat is also distributed around your hips, buttocks and thighs. This is because your body needs to leave space in your belly for childbearing purposes. However, after menopause, women on bad diets tend to gain more belly fat since childbearing is no longer an issue.

Some people also falsely believe that they can use certain exercises to “spot reduce” fat from their belly. A common misconception is doing abdominal exercises will burn off belly fat.

Exercising your abdominal (abs) will only work your abdominal muscles. It will not do anything to help get rid of the layers of fat sitting on top of the abdominal muscles.

You’ll have to lose weight (i.e. use up your energy reserves) to achieve a slimmer waist and to be able to see your abs. You cannot spot reduce belly fat using any sort of exercise, diet, drink or gimmick. It’s simply impossible. You also cannot spot reduce fat from any other part of your body either.

So please do not fall for any such scams. The Internet and infomercial channels are so full of such misleading advertisements that it’s embarrassing.

Diet meal plan suppliers want to make $6,240 off you every year

Have you looked at the cost of meal plans offered by diet food companies such as Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig? Paying $120 – $170 per week for food that is meant to help you lose weight is absurd.

Even bodybuilders who eat a lot during bulking season while trying to put on weight don’t spend that sort of money on food.

Such meal plans mainly offer low fat pre-packaged meals. Unfortunately low fat food is usually packed with processed sugar or unhealthy artificial sweeteners. Essentially the fat is replaced with sugar to make the food edible.

These companies do not care about you or your health. They’re only focused on making as much profit as possible. And they’ve mastered a system to suck every penny out of you.

You see, the minute you start their diet program, you’ll become trapped in a vicious cycle. You’ll become reliant on their meals to control your weight. Once you stop using their meal plans, you’ll revert to your old eating habits and gain back all the weight you had lost.

You’ll then go back on their diet to lose that recently gained weight. Before you know it you’ll be stuck in this never-ending cycle that drains your bank account dry.

You’ll Eliminate Dieting Failures & Rebound Weight Gain When You Use 6 Dollar Diet

There’s a simple reason why you’ve gained all that weight. And there’s also an easy way to get rid of all your excess weight FAST. You’ll find answers to both on the next page.

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