The J Plan Program


If you want to say goodbye to your excess weight for good – then this is for YOU…

Discover How To BANISH Unwanted Body Fat The SMART WAY

This groundbreaking method empowers you to lose that ugly body fat despite eating delicious food AND avoiding daily workouts and mind-numbing cardio sessions!

Imagine the admiring looks on the faces of your friends (and the scowls on the faces of your rivals) when you shock them with the sight of the NEW YOU.

But there is a problem – and it’s a pretty big one. How can you be certain you will succeed this time?

My name is Jeremy Allen and I’m a certified personal trainer. Earlier in my life, I enjoyed a high powered career as a professional football player. During that time, I rubbed shoulders with some very talented fitness coaches who, seeing my interest, revealed some amazing insider secrets, and ignited a passion in me to become a personal trainer and help other folks achieve their dream bodies. On retiring from professional football, I did just that. And, I slowly perfected my powerful weight loss system, The J Plan, which now works in spectacular fashion.

I’ve cracked the weight loss code. I know exactly how to eliminate that constant problem that plagues just about every one wanting to lose some weight.

Usually what happens is people start off well enough and lose a certain amount of weight … and then they grind to a halt – unable to shed another ounce. You might have experienced this yourself. That simply DOES NOT happen with the J Plan and here’s why: I’ve built frequent changes into The J Plan’s routines. Not only does it eliminate boredom for you, it also works like gangbusters to encourage your metabolism to constantly perform at peak efficiency, which absolutely maximizes your fat loss. That way you gain an unstoppable momentum and never reach a plateau where you simply cannot make any further progress (which is exactly where most weight loss programs fail).

Jeremy Allen, Certified Personal Trainer Former Professional & Collegiate Athlete

Here are the three powerful reasons why The J Plan will do everything you want – and more.

  1. The multi directional approach that transforms your body into a nonstop calorie burning machine.
  2. The male and female versions of the plan, precisely matching your needs, whether you are a guy or a gal.
  3. The flexibility of the simple workouts allowing you to set your own fitness goals.

How many other weight loss plans do you know that bother to go to these lengths to help you 110%?

Abby BEFORE The J Plan

Abby AFTER The J Plan

The J Plan has been properly BATTLE TESTED. I helped Abby Rike, a contestant from the eighth season of The Biggest Loser, lose a whole 54 pounds (even though she’d already lost 46 pounds and thought she’d never lose another ounce). But she did … And now it’s YOUR TURN to experience the joy of using The J Plan. Then you’ll no longer have to simply imagine how you will enjoy increased confidence, extra vitality, and tons of admiring glances from the opposite sex – you will actually EXPERIENCE IT FOR REAL.

So who is The J Plan designed for?

The short answer is YOU.

What’s more, if you think you haven’t got time for this – then think again … You don’t need to spend time making daily visits to the gym. For a start, you only need to do these simple workouts just three times a week. AND you can save even more time (and gym fees) by doing the workouts in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer. Also, if you love food, you’ll be delighted to know you won’t be condemned to eating tasteless meals or starving yourself, both of which are counter-productive and sure fire ways to make you abandon any weight-loss program but not THIS one, because the simple, unfussy dietary guidelines in my plan are not rigid or difficult to adhere to.

And they’ll allow you the freedom to enjoy a whole universe of tasty foods without guilt, confident they’re nourishing your body whilst helping you shed those unwanted pounds.

This What You Get When You Join The J Plan:



  • 9 dynamic workouts.
  • Workout Manual with integrated “click-to-video” links.
  • Instructional Video.
  • Food Log.
  • Workout Calendar.
  • Nutritional Guidelines.
  • Stretching video.
  • 12 mouthwatering recipes.
  • Meditation/Relaxation CD.
  • Weekly Communication.





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