“My Brain Tumor” – One Woman’s Uplifting Story

It gives the body a warm glow to read about someone coming through a time of turmoil and trial doesn’t it? Every one of us dreads being given news of something horrendous happening to us medically and I would be no exception. I don’t want to be diagnosed with a brain tumour or any life threatening symptom or, in fact, to receive the news that one of my loved ones has received such news, but none of us know what is around the next corner however hard we strive to keep healthy and follow what the doctors and health experts recommend we do.

I read, with interest, this e-book entitled ‘My Brain Tumour’ because it promised an uplifting account of one woman’s experience with a positive outcome and that is just what I received. The author certainly doesn’t make light of the situation and details her roller coaster of emotions as she comes to terms with the diagnosis of a benign brain tumor and invasive surgery to put her on the road to recovery.

What is refreshing though is how she stresses throughout that although it is a very scary ordeal, it need not be all doom and gloom. The e-book is written in a daily diary format of events from the onset of brain tumor symptoms through diagnosis, tests, surgery and recovery. It relates how family and friends react in a situation such as this and incorporates a large dose of humour that manages to make you break into a smile on many occasions throughout.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is a nightmare and would turn anyone’s world upside down. It is both scary and worrying for the person diagnosed and their family and friends and of that I have no doubt but there are not enough happy endings out there in print. Maybe that is because those who survive are so happy to be alive that they do not have time to put pen to paper to address the balance.

If you are desperately searching for answers having recently been told that either you or someone very close to you has a benign meningioma tumor I highly recommend this uplifting account. The purpose of the book is to share an experience and will certainly help you understand the emotions, shock and terror that such news brings. It is an encouraging account and shows that there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

The author acknowledges from her own plight that there are a myriad of places on the internet with information. Some of it is informative, if you have a medical degree and some of it can be very discouraging and could bring you to an all time low. Included in the book is a very helpful resource page that may assist you in your quest for information about brain tumors, together with links to other stories from meningioma survivors.

It is currently available at:


…so you may want to head on over there now and take a look. It’s in a very easily readable format and is available for immediate download to your computer.

I really hope that by reading this book, whether you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour or whether you are a family member or friend, it will give you a small window in to the world of someone else who has been in a similar situation and an insight into what to expect and how everyone around you is going to feel.
I wish you all you wish for yourselves,
Michael Angel´s.


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