The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training

The Complete Guide To Core Training For Athletes

ALL Of Your Core Training Questions Are FINALLY Answered… The Confusion Of How To Train An Athlete’s Mid-Section Are NOW Revealed!!!

Discover the SECRET Methods most College Strength Coaches don’t share to develop Superior Athletes

Hi, I’m Jerry Shreck and I have been a Division I Collegiate Head Strength Coach for past 13 years. Over that time, I have trained literally 1000’s of athletes, developed and worked with professional athletes, and done much work in the area of injury prevention techniques. Before this I worked for three years as a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach at a very athletic Jr. and Sr. High School. What I have learned over the years is that there are many ways to train athletes and believe me; I have made many mistakes during this time.

What I Figured Out Took Me Years To Learn and Organize

We ALL know that the most important area of an athlete’s body is their CORE musculature. Heck, that is all you ever hear about. Everyone has an opinion and some study which always ends up with….. but more research has to be done.

    • “Do this, don’t do that!”
    • “Don’t do that, do this!”
    • “If you do these exercises you are going to hurt yourself!”
    • “Your Core is trained during the big lifts”
    • “Do as many sit-ups as you can in a minute”
    • “Don’t hyper-extend your back”
    • “Don’t do crunches!”
    • “Try to hit 10,000 sit-ups a week!”
    • “Stabilize your core, don’t rotate”
    • My favorite: “Coach I want beach Abs!”

Discovered The Number One Way To Develop An Athlete’s Core For Maximum Performance Is Through Organized Consistent Variable Training Protocols

Hey, I wish it was as easy to just tell an athlete to go and do 100 sit-ups and your core training for the day is good, but that’s just not going to give athletic results.

“CORE” is more than just ABS. It is the mid-section between your chest and hip flexors, your upper back to your glutes, and the entire area around the sides of your torso.

By this explanation, you clearly see that sit-ups are just not going to get it done. I want to be clear that your abdominal muscles are very important, but more importantly your entire mid-section needs to work together for maximum results. I worked with a professional baseball pitcher once and he was a closer for a major league team. His abdominal mid-section was not “defined” and if you saw him out on the street you would never think he was a professional athlete. What made him successful was his ability to maximize his leverage and utilize his core muscles properly to achieve optimal velocity for his pitches.

Professional athletes know how to use their bodies efficiently and that is what gives them great advantages.

He was able to master the workouts quickly because of these skills. What I am providing for you is a PROVEN reference library of core exercises and REAL training programs with the instructions of how to easily implement them directly into any existing weight-training program.

Head Strength Coach, Dan Huff (NJIT), told me directly that “This reference manual should be on every Strength Coaches bookshelf.”

These are the exact methods and programs I have been using for years. I want to be straight up front with you. If you are an experienced strength coach or trainer, most of these exercises you will be familiar with. My approach of how these are placed into weight training routines and how to group which exercises on which days will probably be of most interest to you.   If you are a coach or athlete looking for direction and something easy to follow and do with outstanding results, than this is a must have.

You literally could be doing a workout 5 minutes after downloading

The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training

This is exactly what I am giving you:

110 Selected Exercises

  • Body Weight: Exercises that can be done anywhere and require no equipment. These are great for after conditioning sessions out on the field, court, pool deck, or track.

  • Weighted-Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettle Bells, Plates: These exercises involve a weighted implement and can be easily included before, during, or after a weight training session in the weight room.

  • Stability Ball: These will require a stability/physio-ball. These exercises are not just about stabilization but also concentric and eccentric properties.

  • Medicine Ball: These movements will require a medicine ball or weighted D-Ball. These are great for power and strength development.

  • Bosu Trainer: These will require the use of a Bosu Trainer. These have become very popular lately and it is because they can produce great results in the area of kinesthetic awareness (knowing where your body is in space).

  • Cable Machine: A cable machine is the preferred tool for these listed exercises but if you are clever; the majority of these could be done with bands if a cable machine is not available.

  • 45 Degree Back Extension: All of these exercises in the manual were done with the use of a Hammer Strength 45 degree Back Extension body weight machine. Any 45 degree strength model machine would work. Much more than just back extensions!

  • Glute/Ham Developer: These are some of the most advanced exercises in this manual and are not for beginners or novice lifters.

  • Broomstick: A standard broomstick is the preferred tool used for the very challenging “Combat Abs” circuit found in Appendix C pages 143-155.

  • Sit-up Board: These were all done on a Hammer Strength Model Abdominal body weight machine. I include a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises and circuits that are done in my weight room all the time.

  • Roman Chair: This is also a Hammer Strength body weight machine that is technique based and if not addressed will normally work more hip flexors than anything else.

  • Bands: Bands are a popular piece of training equipment and can be found in most workout areas. Do not under-estimate the effectiveness of band training. It is a very versatile tool that can be used in many ways.

  • Sand Bag: I mention the use of sandbags in this manual in a few areas. It is another versatile training tool that can take the place of weights or medicine balls.

50 Done For You Workouts

Stabilization Circuits

Body Weight Circuits

Team Circuits

Weighted Circuits

Manual Resistance Workouts

Single Strength Exercises

Ability To Develop Yourself!!

Over a 2-year period I wrote down tons of actual core training workouts and circuits that I did with my athletes. Basically, if I liked how the workouts went after they were done; I would quickly jot them down on scrap paper for me to later review and perform again. The following is an exact piece of scrap paper with circuits that were collected during this period of time.

The following workout is taken from my Team Circuit Area on page 49. This is from my men’s basketball team.

Team Body Weight Circuit #7 Men’s Basketball Team: 8 Minutes 30 Seconds

    1. Double Arm Bridge 1 Minute.
    2. V-Ups 30 Seconds.
    3. Hip-Ups 30 Seconds.
    4. Windshield Wipers 30 Seconds.
    5. Bicycle Crunch 30 Seconds.
    6. True Crunch 30 Seconds.
    7. Superman Reps 30 Seconds.
    8. Alternating Reverse Twist 30 Seconds.
    9. Side Crunch Right 30 Seconds.
    10. Side Crunch Left 30 Seconds.
    11. Speed Crunch 30 Seconds.
    12. Rocky Sit-ups 30 Seconds.
    13. Prone Alternating Raise Right Arm-Left Leg/Left Arm-Right Leg 30 Seconds.
    14. Alternating Reach 30 Seconds.
    15. *Walking Push-ups 1 Minute.

The following video workout is found in the body weight circuit training section found on page 41.

The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training was put together to Answer ALL the core related Training Questions that are so often Askedof me. I held nothing back and put everything I do with my teams into one entire Training Manual.

There is no doubt that this information is valued at $97 but for one week I’m going to offer it to you for JUST $17. That’s an insanely LOW price! Next week this introductory offer is GONE and I’ll be selling the Core Manual for $27

Here is what I could have done with this manual; I could have advertised it with the following headlines:

  • Head Strength Coach gives you the program to develop that defined mid-section you always wanted!
  • The difference in achieving those sexy abs is in the system.
  • Thousands have used these proven techniques to develop their bodies they dreamed of.
  • Don’t get this system and keep working on getting fatter!
  • See what happens when you implement proven techniques.
  • If you already have the mid-section of your dreams, then don’t read this. It’ll break your heart how much easier it could have been.
  • For the individual who will settle for nothing less than results!
  • Your desire for a sexy mid-section can start today!

The reality is, yes this manual can develop those abdominal muscles (beach muscles!!) that most individuals secretly desire. But if you want that model definition, you will need to place your focus on your diet and high intensity of your cardio to work off that fat layer that covers those “Abs Of Steel”.   You will see in the following testimonials that some of them used the training principles in this manual for figure and body building competitions. All of the exercises and concepts from this manual will produce results but only based on the efforts and principles put forth.

The testimonials below have not been altered in any way and they are real people who either have been trained under Coach Shreck directly or received The College Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training and shared their experience. Note: I am required to identify what a “typical” result is. Here is the truth, most people buy on-line products and never do anything with them so their typical results are none. You have to apply what is provided and work hard to achieve results. They will not happen without hard work and dedication.
scott n v 2011

“As a personal trainer at Bucknell University and a Group Fitness Instructor at Evangelical Community Hospital Fitness Center, I was extremely excited to get my hands on Coach Shreck’s new book, “The College Athlete’s Complete Guide to Core Training,” and immediately put it to use with my clients. I only want quality information to provide my clients and that is exactly what I received in this manual. From one on one personal training to a 60 minute class entirely based upon the exercises and techniques from this guide, my clients have not only enjoyed the challenge of strengthening their core but also truly have experienced a manifestation of changes as a direct result. I have had many clients tell me that they are able to function better in their work places, in their other exercise classes, doing home chores, and just living life better as a whole with less low back pain and stress on other parts of their bodies. A strong core is truly vital as it impacts every aspect of our lives. I highly recommend this guide book to all trainers, athletes, coaches and anyone that feels they could benefit from a stronger core. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t benefit from reading and putting into practice this guide.”

Vanessa J. Smoley

Personal Trainer & Fitness Competitor


6843637“As a previous athlete who trained with Jerry, I can confidently say his workouts prepared me for the competitiveness of a division I sport. He always pushed me to work hard, become stronger and in turn made me a better athlete, while still stressing the importance of injury prevention workouts. My entire four years, as a competitive division I athlete, I suffered no major injuries and much of that can be credited to the strength and injury prevention work Jerry had me do everyday in the gym. Through Jerry’s hard-work and dedication to his athletes he helped me become strong, fit, and ready for all levels of the game. This core manual is a perfect example of the awesome workouts he had me perform over my four years at Bucknell University.”

Marci Richard, Previous Bucknell Field Hockey Player

photo(2)(1)“Jerry Shreck is one of the most innovative and resourceful Strength Coaches I have met. Most of all I admire his desire and ability to think outside the box, and apply his vast knowledge base of science to it. It is amazing to see so many athletes going through an organized, tactful workout session. This is something to witness. What is even more amazing is to see the enthusiasm of these athletes under Coach Shreck’s command. Performing perfectly executed box squats. Flipping a tire. It’s not a chore for his athletes; it’s a mission to improve each one’s performance level and to reach their genetic potential. It’s fun for his athletes. At the end of a session, you can see and hear the anticipation for the next grueling workout. Coach Shreck has been a friend and associate of mine for many years. I would recommend his Core Training manual and anything else he has written to anybody and everybody. From a beginner participating in his/her first exercise program to an elite level athlete. Trust me, what Coach Shreck says will work. Thanks for sharing this new project with us Coach. I look forward to reading and learning.” “Coach, sorry I didn’t do this sooner. I read the manual over the weekend. Phenomenal. I can’t say enough about it. Outstanding. Let me know if you need anything else. This book has to reach the masses ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! I’m serious, it’s freaky awesome!”

Marty Mitchell, Westside Barbell

278944_198104606903274_132354443478291_499101_7228953_o“Jerry’s manual provides me with the core knowledge to strengthen and enhance my performance. As a professional water polo player a strong core is essential to achieving success at the elite level. The exercises covered in this manual are a part of my daily workouts and enables me to maximize my potential both during training and when competing. Thanks Jerry!”


Richie Hyden

Australian Professional Water Polo Player

heidi profile3“As a four-year starter for Bucknell University’s Women’s Volleyball Team, I can attest to the effectiveness of Jerry Shreck’s core program. With a variegated set of abdominal and core exercises, the body is continually challenged in different ways, while always using every muscle group. What this translates to is a much more thorough core workout that never gets monotonous. Learning to engage smaller muscle groups is what separates Shreck’s core manual from others. As a Graduate Assistant Volleyball Coach now at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, I continue to utilize these very exercises (both for myself and the athletes I train) which I learned directly from Jerry Shreck during my time at Bucknell University. The results are indisputable, challenging, and rewarding. Hands down, my favorite challenge will always be the Combat Abs.” “Oh yes, and by the way, I showed two of my athletes how to do Combat abs today and they asked me who taught me this insane thing I call Combat abs, haha. So this testimonial is legit and I still model a ton of my instruction off of what you taught me. Hope all is well there and that you are surviving. Thanks again for all of your help! You really are the best.”

Heidi Kamp

Volleyball Coach Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What format is this product in? Is there a physical product? The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training is an ebook that you will have access to almost immediately after ordering in the form of a downloadable PDF file. You download it to your computer and you will have access to it whenever you like.

Question: I am a beginner. Will this program be to hard for me? No, but you will want to start out by just learning individual exercises and movements first. The circuits are advanced and are intended for trained athletes or individuals with a strength base. So you may want to set a goal of learning first and progressing gradually as you make gains, just like you would in any training system.

Question: Do I need to belong to a gym or need fancy training equipment? No, I have supplied ample body weight exercises and alternatives to exercises that involve training equipment. There are many ways to achieve your goals and I give more than enough in this training guide.

Question: I like my current lifting program. Will I have to change to a different program to start yours? Absolutely Not! In fact there is not a designed lifting program in this training manual. This is designed to help you include these training principles into ANY existing workout regime. I give examples of how to do this for a 2,3, or 4 day a week lifting programs. I also give some examples of how to include these principles with programs that have agilities and conditioning components.

Question: What if it doesn’t work for me or I decide that I don’t like the program? I stand 100% behind my training information and I am confident of the time tested positive results it can yield; but if for any reason you are not satisfied you’re backed by our 100% 60-Day Guarantee. There really is no pressure or worries for you. Simply contact our service department and we’ll refund every penny of your investment. You have nothing to lose and you can keep the guides even after we refunded your entire investment. The only thing I ask, is that you have given it an honest effort to follow the guide and implement the techniques laid out in it. It has been time tested for years with awesome results!

The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training is valued at $97…

For acting fast, I am also including a total body, static-to-dynamic Band Flexibility Manual valued at $30.00! This will show you step by step how to set up the bands and use them to increase flexibility and avoid nagging injuries!!

Total Package Value $127.00

But for one week only I am offering these amazing programs for only $17!


Please Note: The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training and The Complete Total Body Band Flexibility Manual are downloadable PDF files. NO physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get instant access to download and view all the files onto your computer. I want to personally thank you for putting your trust in me and my training product that I am sharing with you. I put a lot of work into it and kept everything in it authentic to my core training techniques that I use with my Division I University Athletes. I know this will help many and also answer many of the questions that involve training the mid-section.

To your health,

Jerry Shreck

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Real SOLUTIONS Magazine

Jerry has been in the strength field for the past 16 years and a Division I Head Strength Coach for the past 13 years. He has multiple certifications and is a Certified & licensed Athletic Trainer. He presents at numerous clinics and strength conferences yearly, has a monthly fitness segment for a local TV station, has been in Real Solutions & Mens Health Magazines, and is sought out by other professionals for his injury prevention techniques. His website, Vatiety Trainer, has literally helped 1000’s of athletes and coaches over the years of it’s internet existence.




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