Low Back Pain Survival Guide

How I Reversed My Severe Low Back Pain in Only 3 Weeks, without Surgery, Physical Therapy, or Pain Pills

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“Searching for Answers to Back Pain Relief, Look No Further”

If you are tired of sitting in front of your computer for hours searching for answers to back pain relief, look no further.  Morgan Sutherland has done the work for you.

He has sifted through the medical research, chosen the best at-home exercises, and created a user-friendly book.  References are cited, and medical terms are explained so that they are easy to understand.  

To make it even more lucid, the book has illustrations to complement each exercise. As a teacher who spends most of my time on my feet, I was eager to see what this book had to offer.  As I read, I stopped to try each stretch.

It was enlightening at times to see how simple movements made such a difference.  

I am already more aware of how I sit, stand, and sleep – and now have tools that I can use immediately to alleviate my back pain.  

Rarely does one find a resource that can be readily used to promote better health and and quality of life.  This is one of those books. 

Suzanne P, age 48

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7 Video Slide Presentations of the Exercise Routines

Bonus #2: 
Sciatica Pain Relief Shortcuts

 Bonus #3: 
Reverse Bad Posture in 15 Minutes

 Bonus #4: 
21 Back-Saving Yoga Poses

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“The Best Resource for Lower Back Pain
I Have Found”

This is the best resource for lower back pain I have found.

The exercises are hugely helpful and actually relieve my back pain as I’m doing them, as well as lessen my pain throughout the day.

I have tried everything for my lower back, but only strengthening my lower back muscles has actually helped relieve and prevent the pain.

The stretches and the wisdom the author shares are the only thing that have helped me.

L. Meredith, age 52

“It’s working”

It’s working!  I have had chronic lower back pain, on and off (mostly on), for years. 

Now that I have been following Morgan’s regimen for a little over a month, I am feeling a lot better.  It takes some discipline to go through the routine every day, but it’s worth it

I always feel good after I’m done, and over time my back has been getting better.

Michael S. age 54

“If You’ve Been Suffering with Lower Back Pain, You Need to Get This Book and Follow The Program”

After years of dealing with lower back pain I received a copy of Morgan Sutherland’s book, “Low Back Pain Survival Guide, Twenty-One Days to a Pain-Free Back”.

Over that time, I’ve tried acupuncture, various exercises, yoga and massage which all had degrees of positive results but certainly not to the extent I had hoped for. 

I have been using the program outlined in Morgan’s book doing the 21 exercises over the course of time and I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good for a very long time.

The book is informative, as it comprehensively describes the causes of back pain, some of the myths and the ways to effectively relieve and correct the problems I had. 

The exercises are described very well and are augmented with illustrations that greatly help in understand how to do them.

If you’ve been suffering with lower back pain, you need to get this book and follow the program!

Brian G., age 68

“An Incredibly Helpful Guide to Managing My Low Back Pain”

I had the pleasure of reading Morgan Sutherland’s new book, Low Back Pain Survival Guide and found it to be an incredibly helpful guide to managing my low back pain

The book is full of useful information and illustrations to walk you through a variety of stretches, strengthening exercises, and foam rolling techniques. 

Morgan structures the book in a way that allows it to be used as an easy reference guide while you work your way through daily exercises.

Other programs can be unrealistic and require lots of time, space, and equipment but this guides you through a series of effective movements that can be done almost anywhere with minimal props with a time commitment under 30 minutes a day. 

Overall, I highly recommend reading and following the program outlines in Low Back Pain Survival Guide – Your back will thank you!

Liz O, age 33

“An Invaluable Source for Everyone Who Suffers from Low Back Pain”

Morgan Sutherland’s book “Low Back Pain Survival Guide” is an invaluable source for everyone who suffers from low back pain.

Morgan draws on hisown experience as a massage therapist and a sufferer of a back pain to help others.

The book is written for people like me in mind, who do not have the intricate understanding and knowledge  of the anatomy of the human body. 

I find it to be an interesting, easy and helpful read.  Morgan dispels the myths about the issues connected to the back pain and gives his readers exercises that are well presented, visually and verbally, and are easy to follow and do not require a lot of  time to do. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that had or has issues in this area.

L. Dudas, age 51

“Very Useful for Anyone Suffering from
Low Back Pain”

“As a somewhat frequent sufferer of low back pain, I was interested in reading Morgan Sutherland’s Low Back Pain Survival Guide. It is an easy read, loaded with lots of helpful information as well as explanations and easy to follow diagrams. 

It clearly explained why I’ve had low back pain and how to avoid it and alleviate it. I knew some of the poses from yoga (and they work) but there were some new ones in there I did not know (and they work also!).

I found the book to be clear, easy to understand and very useful for anyone suffering from low back pain.

Being an E-Book makes it easy to read on any device and very portable (so you can look at it whenever/wherever you do your stretching). I know I will be using it as a resource to go back to for help with my pain.

Of course, I’m realizing that if I just followed it regularly, I wouldn’t get the low back pain!

I would highly recommend the book at anyone who’s ever had low back pain. It also would be a great gift for anyone you know who suffers from low back pain.”

Richard P., age 55

“If You Pick It Up Because Your Back Aches and You Are In Pain, You Won’t Be Disappointed”

“Morgan Sutherland has written a book that does a lot more than help you survive low back pain.

If you pick it up because your back aches and you are in pain, you won’t be disappointed.

The largest part of the book is exercises and stretches that will relieve back pain. None of them are particularly strenuous. Don’t expect six- pack abs after 21 days, but you will be rewarded with a stronger core and better posture—as well as eliminating back pain.

You’ll not only feel better, you’ll look better if you follow his advice on posture. Sitting properly at work, maintaining good posture while standing and adopting better sleep positions may not only help your back, but also have you feeling better and being more alert.

I found the book amazingly helpful. When you follow the 21-day program that is at the heart of the book’s recommendations, you cannot help but be more active (in a safe way) for an extra half hour a day.

The author’s two challenges to back pain sufferers and those wishing to avoid it are to stay active to strengthen your back and to take care of your back to avoid low back pain to begin with.”

Tom M., age 65

“It Is The Best Bedside Bad Back Book!”

“Morgan’s book is a  must have for back pain sufferers!

Who hasn’t had an episode of pain with their back at sometime in their life? Sitting all day at work, shoveling snow, lifting or moving furniture, sleeping on a couch or chair, poor posture, poor choice of shoes…

Morgan’s Back Book covers it all! He even speaks from an experience he had with lifting an air conditioner…

What I like about this book is the clear instructions with diagrams! Details explaining ways to alleviate your pain and strengthen your back to be preventative are priceless.

Pictures are step by step methods to stretch and not re-injure tender areas. Most of us still need to work, carry groceries, lift a child, or sit with a bad aching back. 

Morgan shows research that says in bed , no movement is ineffective.

He explains causes, remedies and exercises we can all fit in our daily lives! No gyms, physical therapy appointments  to squeeze in…

Keep it by your bedside! There are daily stretches before getting up that can be done in your bed to promote healing and protect that finicky spine!

I use this book.  I have had back episodes and wish I had it long ago.

It is the Best Bedside Bad Back Book!”

Nancy M., age 69

“Morgan’s Stretching/Strengthening Regimen Does The Trick”

“Low back pain is a problem I’ve suffered with on and off for many years. Morgan’s stretching/strengthening regimen does the trick.

When I follow his 21 exercises they never fail to reduce my discomfort and get my back into good pain-free shape.

My favorite tip is how to get out of bed in the morning. I follow it religiously and it’s a great way to start the day with your back feeling good.”

– Marc W., age 77

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I wish you well on your journey to a pain-free back!

Morgan Sutherland, L.M.T.

Former Back Pain Sufferer

Founder, Low Back Pain Survival Guide

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