Molecule Chamber – Body Repowering System

When you were young, you were invincible!

You were strong and muscular and full of vitality. You could play all day, party all night, and do it all again the next day.

But then life happened. Work. Home. Kids. Family. Bills. Obligations.

Before you knew it, you turned into an ordinary man…

Now your body is unrecognizable. Sure, you try convincing yourself that “dadbods” are cuddly and sexy, but you really die inside each time you look in the mirror, or struggle to fasten your pants.

And your energy is gone. You watch your kids play instead of playing with them. You’re angry and irritable and frustrated.

You feel like your life isn’t your own anymore.

So you go to the gym… and spend hours every week on their fancy machines. But you don’t see any change.

So you hire a personal trainer… and spend thousands of dollars for their guidance. But you still don’t see any change.

So you go on a diet… and it works for a little while… but eventually, you gain all the weight back.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and stay in shape.

But here’s the thing:

Anyone who wants to transform can do it.

Once you understand the science, you can accomplish anything!


Molecule Chamber is a system for men who have had enough, and want to take control of their bodies and their lives.

You get a downloadable manual and training videos – instant access so you can start immediately!




Fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you’re not happy, you get a 100% refund!


Downloadable guide – instant access 

The 170-page guide will take you step by step through your transformation. You’ll learn how to lose fat, build jaw-dropping muscle, and look years younger too. Instant download, so you can get started within minutes!

12 weeks of powerful workouts 

12 weeks of customized workouts to help you shed fat, sculpt lean muscle and regain your flexibility. No more guesswork and no more wasted time at the gym.

 Simple diet system that works fast 

Uncover the myths behind dieting. Start using a system that’s simple, sustainable and effective for stripping away fat and adding firm muscles. No fads or starving!

 100 exercise demo videos 

Get exclusive access to 100 videos showing each exercise in the system. Warm-ups, weights, stretching, abs, recovery moves… they’re all here in crystal clarity and with on-screen instructions.  Watch them on your PC, or take them with you on your phone, so you can work out anywhere.

Motivational guidance 

Most plans focus on exercise and diet, but forget the missing link: Motivation. Learn strategies for avoiding demotivation and dealing with stress. Find out how to handle the people who will try interfere and want to bring you down. Leave the past behind you, and empower yourself to go the distance!

 Email support 

The system is extremely easy to understand and to follow. But sometimes you’ll have questions, and so you get an email support-line. Anything you’re unsure about, just get in touch!



This is the first time in 10 years my weight has been so low! My stretching and flexibility are improving week by week too. It’s great to have such a well-balanced program. You have empowered me with all the knowledge I need for a healthy way of life. Thank you!

Ori Saban

Architect – South Africa.


This is perfect for people who cannot get results using the usual “mainstream” exercises. I’d been doing that stuff for years and struggled to see any improvements. This is a completely different approach. It’s amazing, my body suddenly feels stronger, I feel healthier and, maybe most important of all, this well-rounded complete training program has helped me regain interest in my training. Thank you Nick!

Paul Bouzakis

Electromechanical Engineer – Greece.


I am currently in my 4th week of the program, and I am already seeing results. My core feels stronger, my sense of balance is better, my mind feels sharper, and I am becoming more flexible.I’ve never seen a program that cuts through all the typical cryptic jargon that many “experts” throw around and gets right down the nuts and bolts as this one does. It is evident that the author did his research as the quality of the program is superior to other systems and very easy to follow. What’s very attractive about this program is that it keeps you interested, and the sessions are quick, which is a plus for those with extremely tight schedules such as mine.

I’ve tried several programs in the past such as the popular “300” workouts. I testify here that I am seeing more results in my 4 weeks than I got by doing other workouts for several months. I am seeing definition in my obliques- something that I haven’t seen since I was in my teens.

I would also like to say that I am very pleased with the author’s level of customer service for he contacted me immediately after I purchased the program to ensure I received everything I needed to begin my training. He also followed up several times to enquire about my progress, which I greatly appreciate.

I highly recommend this program to those who want a stronger, beautiful, more flexible body.

James Dragoo

Newspaper Pre-Press Manager – USA.


I have been on the program for a couple of weeks now and have already seen and felt a huge difference. I have coupled the workout with the diet system and have never felt better in my life!

The workout program, like the diet system, is written in a way that gives you the facts in a simple yet understandable way (dieting and exercise can be very complicated at times – but not in this program!).

The material has been well researched and the methods used are really easy to follow. I have been gym training/exercising since I was about 16 years old, but this is the first time in all those years that I am actually seeing quick results – the workout routines just “make sense” and I can already see the results. My wife has even commented on how quickly my body is shaping up!

The book also has links to the videos which show how to do the exercises correctly, for every level of the program. It is like having your own personal trainer; you just cannot get the exercises wrong! The author is also very contactable via email, so any queries are answered quickly and succinctly, which is a big help.

I am well on my way to having the body I have always wanted, and I just want to say Thanks to Dr. Hallale for helping change my body and eating habits for the better! (My wife thanks you too!!)

David Jansen

Software Developer – England.


The unique approach to improving my abs has already made a big difference. I have been using the program for just a few weeks, and already I feel less bloated and more energetic. I’m also seeing an improvement in the way my clothing fits. I’ve tried other programs, but the simple to follow approaches in this one have made all the difference in my appearance and my energy levels.

The program is a quick and insightful read. Dr. Hallale uses common sense coupled with a sense of humor to shed light on some of the best methods to lose fat, gain muscle, and look and feel great. If you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals or go to the gym,” he provides excellent ideas to help you overcome these all too common excuses.

With instructional videos, menu lists, and tips on eating and exercising, there’s something for everyone, even if you’ve tried other programs and failed.

There is no doubt the program works. The fact that it’s so much easier and less painful to follow than other programs is what makes it a cut above the others. Using Dr. Hallale’s advice on preparing meals, I’m now finding the time to take responsibility for my own health.

I’m not suffering from the munchies when I get home at night anymore, and I’m feeling much more focused at work. Thanks so much for the program!

Stephen Peterson

Scientist – USA.



Fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you’re not happy, you get a 100% refund!



Molecule Chamber – system contents

The 12 weeks of the Molecule Chamber program are broken into three phases, each building on the previous one for a powerful, integrated system.

This is what’s included:

 A 170-page guide that will take you step by step through your transformation. Learn to shed fat, gain attractive muscle and look years younger.

 12 weeks of scientifically-designed workouts to build muscle, burn fat and improve your flexibility.

 A flexible approach to dieting that works fast to help you get lean and athletic.

 100 exercise demonstration videos.

 Guidance on staying motivated.

 Email support.

Phase 1

Discover the super powered body type

Developing a powerful mind

Why a 4-day cycle system?

How to go the distance

The truth about walking 10,000 steps a day

Using weights for burning fat

Cardio mistakes revealed

Stretching and relaxation

Harnessing your hormones

Metabolism, meal sizes and timing

The truth about macronutrients

Flexible dieting using an app

High-intensity intervals

The dangers of other people

Bring about changes fast

Phase 2

How to customize your workouts

Muscle size and toning

Abdominal exercises

Avoiding guilt trips and other mental BS

Stress-free nutrition tips

Reading food labels

Truth about fat and sugar

Advanced sets for muscle growth

Abdominal circuits

Why vanity is good

Beware of food labelled “healthy”

Sports supplements

Flatten your stomach from inside

Digestive health supplements

Why people love muscular bodies!

Phase 3

A new approach to training

Weights for polishing muscles

Plyometrics for shedding fat

Advanced abs exercises

Vicarious living is not living

Boosting testosterone naturally

Recognizing stubborn fat

Fighting excess estrogen

The role of the liver

Improving blood circulation

Antioxidants to fight aging

Looking after your skin

Fight back against hair loss

Finishing touches

What to do after the 12 weeks?


What is the Molecule Chamber system all about?

It’s a powerful body and life transformation program, aimed at creating a powerful, athletic and attractive body. You get a 12-week training program, over 100 demo videos, a powerful diet system as well as motivational advice. You even get advice on looking younger. It really is a complete package that will take you step by step through your own transformation.

How did you develop this system?

It’s a system which I synthesized myself, blending the best aspects from a variety of sources over many years. I spent a huge amount of time testing out different approaches, paring away what didn’t work, and combining the good stuff into an integrated system. And of course, I tested it on myself with some incredible results.

The science behind the system was published as “Engineering a Healthy Body”, the cover feature of the American magazine, Chemical Engineering Progress.

Is this a bodybuilding program?

Not in the modern sense, no. The kind of body this system aims to create is quite different from a modern bodybuilder. It aims at creating a head-turning physique, which is sleek, toned and athletic. My ideal physique looks great in clothing too, and is not too bulky.

I take a holistic and balanced view, and so there’s a big emphasis on fighting the aging process, and on stretching and relaxation too. This is extremely important as we get older, and the rewards can be huge. This is me at the age of 43…

What type of training does your system involve?

It’s a unique blend of free weights training, cardio work and stretching. The system draws the best from many different sources, including the latest scientific developments.

You mention free weights. Won’t those make me too bulky?

Don’t worry. Free weights are incredibly versatile tools, and this system makes use of them for many different purposes. Getting “big” is merely one of a range of applications. For example, one type of weight training is designed to increase your metabolism and help you with fat loss. The system will teach you how to select the appropriate type based on your specific aims and the phase of development you’re in.

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

No. I’ve designed this system to use the absolute minimum of equipment, so that you can do it at home if you like. You’ll need a bench that can incline. You’ll also need an adjustable barbell, a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Some kind of cardio machine (e.g. bicycle, treadmill, elliptical machine, stepper, etc.) would be useful, but this is not essential.

Do you demonstrate the exercises?

You bet! I give customers access to an incredible collection of 100 online demonstration videos. This is much better than trying to follow from a bunch of still photographs. And I don’t charge anything extra for these videos. They are part of the package.

Warm-ups, weights, stretching, abs, recovery moves… they’re all here in crystal clarity and with on-screen instructions.  Watch them on your PC, or take them with you on your phone, so you can work out anywhere.

Where does diet fit in?

The 12-week training program will give you great results on its own, but you’ll get even better results by paying attention to your nutrition. The approach in the book is based on scientific principles for losing fat and adding lean, toned muscle. I’ve designed it to be safe and sustainable, while also stressing convenience. Rigid and restrictive diets don’t last very long, and you’ll find that you have a lot of flexibility. There are also no crazy extremes like cutting out all carbs or eating only proteins!

Is the system suitable for everyone?

The program is not suitable for people with injuries or other health conditions that may affect their ability to do exercise. You should speak with your doctor before starting this (or any system of exercise) to be sure that it’s appropriate for you.

Are you a medical doctor?

Nope. My fancy title comes from having a PhD in chemical engineering. So while you can call me “Dr. Nick” if you like, please understand that I cannot give you any advice about medical-related topics. Again, you must consult your own doctor with any questions about your individual health. And be sure to get his/her approval before you make any changes to your diet or exercise regimen.

Can I really get results in only 12 weeks?

Yes, of course. You can get a dramatic change in your body and look years younger too. But you have to stick to the program and principles I talk about to make it happen.

What happens at the end of the 12 weeks?

By then you’ll know enough to look after yourself for the rest of your life.  This program isn’t just some quick fix or fad training or diet.  Those things don’t work because they don’t consider your daily lifestyle and ongoing fitness.  They are “shock” systems.  When the shock to your body wears off you return to where you were before.  I believe in the long haul… make a decisive change that fits within almost anyone’s life and schedule and you’ll be fit and in amazing shape for the rest of your life.  What I share is long-lasting education, giving you the knowledge, skills and habits for a new lifestyle. If you come to end of the 12 weeks and are still not sure what to do at that point, feel free to get in touch and I’ll help you out.

I live on the other side of the world. Can it really work without you to coach me in person?

The full system in now available as a downloadable course, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. I have a background as an educator, and a lot of experience in delivering distance-learning courses. As a university lecturer I helped people around the world get advanced degrees in engineering through a similar approach. Sharing my program with you is a piece of cake by comparison!

What format does the book come in?
The book is supplied as a PDF file. To view them you may need to install the free Adobe reader, downloadable from
Also, to demonstrate the exercises I give customers access to an incredible collection of over 100 online demonstration videos.
What if I don’t understand something?

Just send me an email and I’ll do my best to explain things and to help you out. It’s pretty easy to follow though. Everything is explained step-by-step.

Is it safe to order products online?

My site uses a secure third-party payment processor and they handle all the online payments securely. That means you don’t have to worry abut exposing your financial information. Credit or debit card numbers are never shared with me or other sellers.

Tell me about your guarantee.

Your purchase comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Try the system, and if it doesn’t help you, simply email me. I’ll refund your money there and then!

Ok, I’m ready. How do I get started?

Simply click the “Buy Now!” button, and you can get started within minutes.


Imagine walking into a room and knowing all eyes are on you. Imagine buying clothing that fits you perfectly. Imagine having the physical and mental energy to work hard all day and still be able to play with your kids, go out with friends, and live the life you want.

This isn’t the same old weight loss program. This is a system to improve your entire life: body, mind and spirit. Based on real science, not fads or trends or BS.

For only $9 you get:

The 170-page Molecule Chamber book.

 A complete 12 week workout program.

Diet plan.

100 exercise demo videos.

Motivational guidance.

 Email support.



Fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you’re not happy, you get a 100% refund!

The Molecule Chamber system is delivered electronically, and consists of a PDF book and digital videos. No physical products are shipped.

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