The Red Wine Diet

Attention fellow wine lovers…

I need to ask you an important question:

Is it possible to lose unwanted body fat and still enjoy life?

by Art McDermott –   The Over 50 Fitness Pro’.

Certified Nutritionist.

The short answer?  Yes, it is possible.

And this article will explain exactly how.

Have you been told you have to cut alcohol (and most of the fun) out of your life in order to lose weight? 

This is flat out WRONG!

In the short article below, I show you exactly why drinking red wine may actually be the ‘missing link’ to your weight loss goals.

I realize this is completely contradictory to what every “Fitness Expert” in the industry may tell you, but I’m going to prove it to you with results and with scientific facts.

Losing body fat does NOT have to involve weeks and months of starvation, deprivation and stress. In fact, you are likely gaining weight because you are overlooking two of the biggest keys to weight loss.

The science proves it and the results prove it.

It’s time to see weight loss in a whole new light…

First – you should realize is that alcohol is NOT the enemy it has been made out to be…

What you are about to read may be news to you…so, grab a glass of wine and read on…

As a fitness professional hired to help people lose body fat, I learned early on that alcohol – and wine specifically – was NOT the enemy! 

Many of my most successful clients are regular wine drinkers…

I have been in the fitness industry for roughly 30 years.  I keep detailed records of how much weight my clients have lost.

At last count, they had lost over 5000 pounds of body fat!  That’s two and half tons of fat.

I don’t say this to brag…only to highlight an important point.

Do you think all of my successful clients STOPPED drinking wine while they lost all this weight? 

Absolutely Not!

Therefore, It’s time then to address the “elephant in the room”…

Yes, you can drink red wine and lose weight…

and you might even have some fun along the way

When I started doing the research for this book, I quickly realized, a lot of the warnings about alcohol and red wine just didn’t hold up. 

Actually, a LOT of the warnings we grew up believing didn’t hold up.

Here are just a few examples of things you have been told were true since you were a kid… except they are entirely wrong!

The list goes on and on…

These myths and others like them became the foundation of was called the “Food Pyramid” from the seventies.  Remember that one! 



The Food Pyramid disasterturned out to be an excellent prescription for getting fat.


The so-called “Western Diet” you are likely eating is a disease-producing machine and causes system-wide inflammation in our bodies!

FACT:  What do more informed trainers tell their clients who are looking to lose weight these days?

 Drop the dairy.

 Stop eating grains.

The complete OPPOSITE of the things we have been told for decades!

The science points out other vital facts you need to know…

Alcohol (including wine) has gotten a bad rap over the years as a calorie-dense food you MUST avoid in order to lose weight.

Again – this is an incorrect assumption!

Studies on red wine have been popping up in the media for a long time now.

You may have seen them…

Here is summary of an expert opinion from the Mayo Clinic.2

The alcohol in red wine can…

Other recent studies showed the consumption of the chemical in red wine known as resveratrolresulted in improved memory and mood behaviors.3

“The studies of the health benefits of red wine are literally too many to list here, and is certainly enough evidence to convince me the information in this book is true and can help many, many people finally find a long-term solution to weight management.”

Consuming Red Wine and embracing lifestyle associated with it results in two essential changes:

  1. Stress reduction.
  2. Reduced inflammation through resveratrol.

These are the two factors I mentioned at the beginning of this article.  

Unless you control these two factors, your efforts to lose weight will fail before you even get started! 

The Impact of Stress:

You can clearly correlate stress to weight gain,” says Philip Hagen, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. 

Stress increased the secretion of a hormone called cortisol – which science has known about for quite some time – which causes the accumulation of fat around the midsection and increases the desire for sweets or “junk food”.

Reducing inflammation is vital to the weight loss process:

“There’s an important connection between inflammation, weight gain, and a hormone called leptin.” According to Integrative Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra.  Normally, leptin suppresses hunger urges.

“The problem is that chronic inflammation impairs the brain’s ability to receive leptin’s appetite suppressing message.”  The result is weight gain.

Perhaps resveratrol’s most useful trait is as a powerful antioxidant found in red wine. 

Antioxidants prevent harmful chemical reactions in our bodies created with oxygen combines with other substances generating dangerous ‘free radicals’.

But resveratrol has been found to do even more…

According to Husam Ghanim, PhD, of the University of Buffalo and colleagues say they have found that resveratrol reduces inflammation in humans that could lead to heart diseasestroke, and type 2 diabetes.3

“The Red Wine Diet” pulls all these factors together into a plan you can literally live with for a lifetime.

So… what should you do next?

I hope I’ve convinced you that eating well and enjoying life does not automatically equal weight gain.

Your health is not a quick fix, but a series of simple – and specific – decisions I will detail for you in this book.

Listen, like a lot of you,

…I’m not looking to get ‘ripped’…

…I don’t have illusions of being a fitness model…

…I’m not training for a bodybuilding competition…

This may sound weird coming from a fitness business owner and lifelong athlete, but the reality is –

It is NOT my mission in life to see how shredded I can get my abs.

Most of us simply want to

…feel better…

…move better…

…have plenty of energy throughout the day…

…maintain a clear mind…

…keep stress levels in check…

…enjoy life with family and friends…

…and yes, hopefully look okay while doing it.

I suspect most of you would agree, these are not outrageous goals.

Can you imagine what your life would be like

if these simple goals started to fall into place?

Given the hectic pace of our lives, it becomes very easy to let your own health get pushed to the back burner…

With all of this in mind, I recently sat down, pulled my notes together and wrote what I consider to be a simple and livable set of guidelines for anyone looking to lose body fat but still have a life.

The Result?  “The Red Wine Diet”.

Finally, Check out everything included with The Red Wine Diet…You’ll love #6

In the “Red Wine Diet” you will discover:

You will discover that fat loss is NOT about deprivation, suffering and stress!

In fact, this sort of stressful approach actually works against you!

Finally, let’s talk about what The Red Wine Diet is NOT…

  1. It is not physically demanding, complicated, or expensive.
  2. It is NOT an excuse to stick with failed patterns which caused your weight gain in the first place!

This short video explains…

The best part? The entire process is actually fun!


1) The REAL health benefits of wine.

From the chemicals it contains to the lower-stress lifestyle that goes with it…

How a chemical you may have heard of called ‘resveratrol’ serves as a powerful anti-oxidant and can even help you live a longer life…

Myself and my ‘wine expert’ Jeff Slavin detail all of this for you.

Jeff is an expert with over 20 years in the wine industry.  (In fact, I went to high school with Jeff and trust him completely.  When I started this project, I knew just who to call!)

Short answer?  No, red wine is NOT a guilty pleasure… you don’t need to feel badly about drinking red wine.

2) Exact meal plans based upon REAL food.

How higher protein intake can turn on your body’s own ability to burn fat…

How removing most grains (and definitely all the processed grains) can keep your insulin levels in check, and turn off the ‘fat storing mechanisms’ we all have…

How even something we view as “healthy” like dairy products can slow progress to a crawl…



3) The Basics of Red and White Wines

Without turning the book into a university class on the study of wine, Jeff takes the topic of wine – something which can  get out of control very quickly – and breaks it down into something we can all appreciate.

Jeff explains the specifics of wine, far better than I can.  He gets into how wine makes food taste so much better.  It’s like…adding just the correct spice to food to enhance flavor.

This gives you a sort of a ‘primer’ on the world of wine using our language, not some snooty approach.  

Jeff easily cuts through the lingo and created a handy guide for all of us.

4) Exactly what food pairings go best with wine.

In sticking with our goal of “keeping things simple”, we spell out some easy to use food and wine pairings.  Using Jeff’s “wine primer” as a guide, you can start to broaden your wine knowledge helping you create your own experimental food and wine combinations…after all…only YOU can determine what you really like!





5) What is the best way to make changes to habits you may have had your life?  We’ll show you how…

We describe the best way to make changes last for the long haul.  After all, this is one of the primary themes of “The Red Wine Diet” – “solutions you can live with”.





6) A list of highly addictive foods crushing your progress and even your health!








7) A collection of “Accelerators” designed to speed results…if that’s what you want to do!








Then I top it off with a FREE Bonus you have to check out yourself…See below!

I commissioned a cookbook from a professional chef overseas.  My requirement?

200 recipes that fit your lifestyle and are in line with my unique Red Wine Diet approach…

The Result?  A cookbook I could not be any happier with!  It’s perfect!

Oh, and then I included it for FREE!!!


60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

* Please note that this is a digital book that you will access online after purchase. Nothing will be shipped.

So what if you read the book and decide this approach is not a good fit?

Well frankly, in that case, I don’t want your money.  It’s that simple.

In fact, you can keep the book and the bonuses that come with it for 60 Days…long enough to try virtually all the recipes, implement the recommendations and see some results.  If you are not satisfied for any reason within 60 days of purchase, just drop me a line at and I will happily refund your money.

I stand behind The Red Wine Diet” without reservation!

I DARE you to find a guarantee like that from any diet book on the market!

I look forward to helping you along your journey.

 Committed to your health,

Art McDermott CSCS CISSN

P.S. – If you have read this far, I HAVE to believe you are truly interested in making a change and having a life.  I am so eager to get my book into your hands as soon possible, I am offering “The Red Wine Diet” for only $14.95…and I am adding the Cookbook FOR FREE.  BUT ONLY IF YOU ACT NOW

P.P.S. – Keep in mind, you have nothing to lose…except unwanted body fat.  Click on the “Order Now” button and you will also see all the support materials also available.

Enjoy Life.  Lose Fat.

* Please note that this is a digital book that you will access online after purchase.  Nothing will be shipped.


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