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Dear friend,

Living with diabetes is not easy, but cooking diabetes friendly meals is not a walk in the park either. Read on to find out how things are going to get a lot better for you from now on…

Whether you are dealing with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes mellitus, this disease affects every part of your life, including the food you eat every day.

The result is that you feel trapped and helpless, and you feel like THE FOOD BECOMES YOUR ENEMY.

Something as simple as breakfast, lunch or dinner becomes a minefield almost impossible to pass – I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Is your diet the most basic, boring and bland collection of foods possible? You need to understand that many of the recipes you can find online can be dangerous not only to your taste buds, but also your health.

Thinking about how many carbohydrates, starches, sugars and fats each dish contains can be boring or even exhausting. Food is no longer something you can enjoy. It simply becomes a medical necessity such as insulin injections. I know that long ago you had to give up the idea of eating tasty foods, and enjoying delicious recipes with your friends and family.

I’ve listened to many people suffering from type 2 diabetes complain because they are already tired of consuming unhealthy foods and preparing recipes that taste horrible. But that’s not all! Some of my friends and members of my family are diabetic… For many years I saw the dishes that they had to prepare for themselves. On many occasions, I tried them – and like you, I can say that it could be tastier to eat rotten eggs than some of the so called ‘diabetic foods’.

For a long time, I was looking for ways to help my loved ones in their fight against this disease (this was one of the reasons that motivated me to start my research into diabetes-friendly diet). Seeing their frustration of not being able to enjoy delicious dishes was devastating for me. I became almost obsessed with cookbooks and recipes, trying to help them in going back to eating ‘normal’, tasty food, just like they used to.

For months, I’ve been searching the web, bookstores and libraries for kitchen resource that would make life easier and food more enjoyable for diabetics, but I had very little luck. I’ve contacted numerous renowned dieticians, cooks and restaurants to see if they had any special resources that could make my the food a little tastier and not so boring, but with no success… I was surprised to know how few cookbooks, recipes or even interesting food ideas exist for diabetics. Eating should not be so difficult, but unfortunately many people think that this is how it has to be.

If you’re still reading my message, I’m sure it’s because:

But don’t worry, the good news is: from now on you will no longer have to settle for distasteful food. That’s because you will finally be able to…


At last – you can eat healthier and tastier than almost everyone else in the world.

When I saw how little information about meals and recipes for people with type 2 diabetes there were, I decided to do something about it. I’ve made a decision to create the best cookbook for diabetics ever. I knew it was a big challenge but I was really committed and wanted to help everyone, that faces day to day challenges with this disease. I decided to develop a cooking resource filled with so many incredible recipes that they would last for months. As a result, I have worked for 14 months with many incredible dietitians, chefs and food lovers to create a total compendium of the most delicious diabetic recipes ever collected in one book!

So, with a lot of trial and error, I have created a cookbook that is full of easy and delicious recipes for diabetics, that will teach you everything you need to know to start cooking like a pro. At the same time, you can take care of your diet and control Type 2 Diabetes! ncbi

I want you to discover how easy it can be to start enjoying your meals again – without wasting time and money, and without the fear of not providing your body with proper nutrition. That’s why I want to introduce you to: The Best Diabetic Recipe Book There Is!

Over 360 Easy, Fast and Delicious Cooking Recipes.

Skeptics told me that it would be impossible to create a cookbook for people with diabetes that has more than even 200 delicious, healthy and diverse recipes. Today, I have shown them that they were totally wrong!

My book ‘Delicious – The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook’ contains:

In this incredible book, you will discover all kinds of exciting dishes and a variety of food tips. Everything from how to make a delicious breakfast, to amazing desserts, main dishes, soups and fancy sauces…

This cookbook offers the easiest ways of preparing very tasty and healthy dishes so you can finally enjoy every meal and dessert! With my cookbook, you can equip yourself with all the tools necessary to transform any recipe into a 100% healthy masterpiece – not only for those with diabetes. The days of constant worry, boring food and fear of cooking are over. It’s time to start living the good life – with the help of my book!

You don’t have to be an experienced cook! My book ‘Delicious – The Ultimate Diabetic Recipes’ will teach you everything you have to know. If you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, and are still struggling with your illness – don’t worry! My book you will teach you the secrets of cooking like a pro. This means that you do NOT have to be a good cook, have a deep knowledge of the ingredients, or some special skills.

Even if you rarely cook, this book will help you to create amazing meals for every occasion. That’s because I made this cookbook so easy to use that anyone can prepare the recipes it contains, quickly and easily. There is no better time than now to start living a better and healthier life.

If you want to experience a whole new way of enjoying food, you should purchase a copy of my book today. You will immediately see that this is unlike any other cookbook you have ever read. But more importantly – you’ll also see how easy (and fun!) it can be to cook healthy dishes for yourself, and the whole family.

There is simply no other cookbook in the world that offers all of these benefits.

You DON’T want to do the same mistakes everyone is making. The sad reality is that there’s a lot of myths about Type 2 Diabetes and healthy eating. Today it seems that everyone – from doctors to cooks and people with diabetes – is confused about what a diabetic can, and can’t eat.

The solution that most ‘experts’ present, is an extensive list of foods you CAN’T eat and a very tiny list of foods that YOU actually CAN eat. This type of fear-based approach (you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that – because it will hurt you) is exactly the reason why there are so few innovative recipes. Nobody wants to take the time and effort to make a resource that can really benefits the diabetics.

That is why today you are here – in search of a cookbook that can really make a difference in your life.

The choice is all yours, but believe me when I tell you that:
This is your chance to change all that boring food for something nutritious and delicious.

What do people say about my book?

There’s a huge number of recipes included, and stress management, supplements, and exercise are also discussed in the bonuses. This book is set up to give you a good number of great recipes, but it also has a lot of info on different diets, exercise and lifestyle changes.

I have ordered this book online upon my friend’s recommendation, and I’ve been using it ever since. The meals in this eBook are extremely appealing and simple to make. Everyone who has looked at them (diabetic or not) says that the meals look great, aren’t too complicated and don’t have unusual ingredients that you must purchase especially for one or two recipes.
This summer my doctor told me that I need to address my rising blood sugar if it doesn’t start going the other way. I’m 61 and have more than enough health issues without the type 2 diabetes. The problem with most cookbooks geared toward healthy eating is that you get recipes but not meal ideas. This is THE best cookbook I’ve owned in my nearly 30 years of cooking. Every meal is that, a MEAL. There are great quality photos featured for every recipe, so you can actually see what it’s going to look like (depends on your skill, and way of preparing of course). 

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