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Training and Eating the Vince Gironda WayTraining & Eating the Vince Gironda Way

by Greg Sushinsky

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Vince Gironda—the name resounds throughout bodybuilding, still. This accomplished bodybuilder and master trainer left a wealth of ideas and methods on training and nutrition that still has relevance today. Though many of Vince’s concepts are known, they’re often not well understood.

That’s where this little book comes in. Originally written as two separate articles on Gironda’s training and nutrition, they’ve been combined due to readers’ requests. This modest volume of concentrated material gives a condensed introduction of Vince’s principles on training and nutrition for beginning bodybuilders, yet there are also surprising insights on Vince’s methods and ways to apply them even for advanced bodybuilders.
This handy guide takes you on a quick trip through Vince’s methods of training, including some of the exercises he used and why he used them. Also featured is a unique physique analysis, which bodybuilders can apply to their own training. The nutrition section features clear explanations of Vince’s dietary principles and how to apply them. There are also insights into the reasons for the exercises and diets. Rarely has Vince’s material been tied together so clearly, so concisely, in ways that show how to apply it.

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Achieving Total Muscularity
by Steve Davis

Review by Greg Sushinsky
We’re very proud and excited to present a terrific book by one of the greatest classical bodybuilders of all time, Steve Davis. Achieving Total Muscularity is a complete volume that tells you in detail how to train for the unique brand of symmetry, proportion, aesthetics and definition that made Steve’s physique one of the sensations of the 1970s and after. The book contains a wealth of Steve’s hard earned knowledge, and while it was written with the information he gained from the 70s and the 80s, the book, just as Steve’s physique, was and is still ahead of its time.
Steve lays out in exquisite detail how to train, including how to set up your workouts, how to do the exercises, what to eat for maximum success and health, and he holds nothing back. There are unique exercises, workouts, as well as rare insights into the building of a championship physique. All this is presented in a thorough, detailed work that is condensed into 72 full-size pages in an 8.5 x 11 format. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this book has an enormous amount of valuable information, some of which you won’t find anywhere else. There are great inspirational photos throughout the book.
The unique features of this book include Steve’s original approach to physique evaluation, training and correcting your weak points, as well as master diets, and a full year’s training plan. This book is the next best thing to having Steve train you himself. There are additional sections on the symmetrical ideal, achieving the symmetrical look, and the anatomical self-analysis needed to pursue this symmetrical look. While written in clear, understandable style, the book is also a thesis, a dissertation on classical bodybuilding.

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The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual
by Greg Sushinsky


This practical, concentrated manual written by a natural bodybuilder for natural bodybuilders, shows you why natural bodybuilders need to–even must–train with methods and techniques specifically tailored to drug-free trainers, in order to reach their bodybuilding goals.  The manual features both an introduction for beginners as well as information and an overview for intermediate and advanced trainers.

The manual contains condensed information on reps, sets, energy and recovery–a  key concept for natural bodybuilders to master, guidelines on workout lengths and volume, as well as a brief  section on genetics.  It explains why it is crucial for drug-free trainers to train differently–very differently–than those using steroids and other drugs.  The manual also contains information on what to avoid in your training and nutrition, so you can benefit from and make the most progress possible in your training.
Included in the heart of the text are several workouts for each level of ability of natural bodybuilders, including a small section for the hard gainer.  Overall, there are more than a dozen workouts included for you to choose from, and there is information on how to construct your own workouts from what you learn.  There are explanations as to how and why to do things a certain way to improve your results.

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The Hard Gainer Report
by Greg Sushinsky


Training and nutritional information for the most neglected group of bodybuilders: drug-free hard gainers.

In this report, you’ll learn if you’re a hard gainer and why you’re a hard gainer if you are, and  why you are having trouble gaining muscle and strength.  Better than that, we’ll show you how you can begin to gain muscle and strength, and keep on gaining.  This report is for the natural (drug-free) hard gainer–especially.
You’ll find information on such topics of importance for the hard gainer as workouts,  rest and recovery, how to plan your workouts, and a critical discussion of nutrition, eating and metabolism for the hard gainer.
Workout routines are also covered in this report.  If you are working out like everybody else and not gaining, we’ll show you workouts that will work for you.  If you are one of the extreme hard gainers, we can show you how you, too, can make gains.
While conventional workouts don’t often work for hard gainers, often hard gainers need to resort to more limited workouts specifically designed for them.  When even these methods don’t work, we show you still other methods. There are alternatives.
Learn how as a hard gainer, you may eventually utilize a unique variation of volume training principles to boost your progress.  (Though many experts say you can’t do this.)  You will find also, the number one thing you need to do above everything else if you are to succeed in your bodybuilding as a hard gainer.

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