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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I promise you results period and I am confident you’ll enjoy the lifestyle friendly approach too. Try the program for yourself. I’ve am giving you a full 60-day money back guarantee. All you have to do is email me within 60 days of you purchase and I will give you a refund – no questions asked.


What If I Told Your That Practically Everything That Mainstream Fitness Gurus, Magazines And Supplement Companies Tell You Is Straight Up Bullshit?


You have to lift 6 times a week, do a bunch of exercises to hit the muscles from all angles and spend hours running on a treadmill to get in great shape.

What if I told you that you could train 3 times a week, focus on a few key movements and not have to do cardio while building an incredible physique ?


You need to have a restrictive diet (low carb – low fat) and only eat clean (chicken, brown rice, salad and oatmeal everyday) is the key to rapid fat loss and getting lean.

What if I told you that you could eat flexibly, still enjoy all of the foods you like and heck even have some alcohol while getting amazing results?


You need to buy all these supplements to build muscle and be lean.

What if I told you that supplements are almost negligible? It’s 90% training and nutrition, with supplements marginally helping assuming you have the first two down.


You have to spend hours in the gym lifting until failure, destroy your muscles and push yourself to the point of exhaustion to get results.

What if I told you that you could train efficiently, spend less than 3 hours a week total at the gym, and not be exhausted to the point where it’s troublesome to move? The key focus not being getting fatigued but rather getting stronger over time.

Are You Tired Following Mainstream Advice And Getting Nowhere?

Are You Tired Of Wasting Money On Supplements And Not Getting The Results They Promised?

Are You Tired Of Being A Slave To The Gym And Your Diet?

What If You Could Build A Ripped Physique Like Celebrities Training Only 3 Times A Week?!


I Am A Living Example Showing You There Is A Better Way

I don’t live in the gym, training only train 2 to 3 times a week.

I eat at a frequency that is enjoyable for me and still enjoy my favorite foods: burgers, fries, burritos, sushi …etc

My routine allows me to stay in shape year round effortlessly.

My approach is highly individualized and I make sure to give you the attention you need to achieve your personal fitness goals.

This Is Online Coaching For Real Sustainable Results

View this Online Coaching experience as investment in yourself that you can apply for the rest of your life.

We aren’t just gonna help you get in great shape, but we’ll teach you how to sustain and improve on your own.

We’ll do this in a way that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle but rather enhances it.

If you want to know how serious I am about getting you results just look over at what online coaching includes and read through all of them.

Imagine Looking In The Mirror A Few Months From Now…

Are you still the same person?

You’re looking leaner, bigger and stronger.

You carry yourself with full confidence and self belief.

You’re jaw line becomes defined giving you that model look.

People asking what the fuck did you do?

Summerbody365 Includes:

Complete Summerbody365 Manual (65 page pdf) + Full Workout Training Videos.

 Comprehensive Knowledge Database – Covers progressive overload, reverse pyramid training, effectively training only 3 times per week, how to track your progress and much more

 Mindset and Motivation – The catalyst that allows you to actually apply the information you learned consistently and effectively

 Full On Workout Regiment – Bodyweight training workout progression, hybrid training workout progression and specialization routines

 Nutrition – Flexible dieting approach covering lean bulking and cutting protocols alongside nutritional strategies allowing you to stay lean year round

 Lifetime Results – This online coaching is designed to not only help you achieve an incredible physique but also teach you how to proceed on your own after you finish the program. This is not being fit for the next 60, 90 or 120 days; it’s for the rest of your life. Being fit is a lifestyle

 Guaranteed Results – If you follow this program I promise you results period. We succeed together or we fail together; I’m serious, I’ve included a 60 day full refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your results period.

To be honest a lot of the things mentioned seemed so different from what you find online or mainstream media but it gave me the most amazing results. After the first 2 weeks, making progress just seemed so easy and enjoyable. I still got to eat all of the foods that I loved while also making progress towards my goals.

Kelvin’s coaching is definitely something you want try. It was an awesome experience!

Carlos G

I’ve always been a skinny kid and I also thought that if I just lifted more I would get bigger. Through taking Kelvin’s coaching program I realized that I was putting all of my focus and energy in the wrong areas.

I now lift only 3 times per week, less frequent than before. However, I have finally been able to put on the size that I always wanted. One of the most important things that I learned was that I needed to get more calories in if I wanted to get bigger.

I’ve been able to put on 5-7 pounds and still maintained my low body fat!

James K


There are two kinds of people in this world. People who decide to strive for more and people who decide to stay in the sea of mediocrity.

Which person are you gonna be?

You Know I Am Ready. I’m waiting for you to take the next step. So let’s make this happen!



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