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bullet_icon  Discover the secret to escaping the worst triangle choke you can imagine (and how to escape each and every one of the 5 phases of the triangle).

bullet_icon  Never get caught in a Kimura again. Learn Kimura Escapes From the Guard, Side, and North/South that will leave your opponent gassed out and frustrated.

bullet_icon  The 5 Amazing Secrets that will allow you to play your game without worrying about armbars. I left no stone unturned. These are secrets I never have given away like this (and may actually upset my instructors).

bullet_icon   Escape the tightest guillotines and understand a 2 second shortcut that will keep you out of them altogether.

bullet_icon  Stealth Way To Escape even the tightest kneebar against any belt level (this one was shown to me on my rug in my apartment in Brazil, it is PURE GOLD)

…And Much More

“The Ultimate Jiu Jitsu Escape System Will SHAVE Years Off Your Game.”

Dear Future Black Belt,

I promise you I have been submitted more than most. I have been doing Jiu Jitsu for over 15 years. Some people may look at me and say I am a Pan Am Champion and cannot feel your pain.

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong…

While I have travelled to the best academies in the world and trained with the best of the best.

Many of those days I have been the nail and not the hammer.

And in order to win just one single match I had to lose so many it’s not even funny.

The escapes that are in this system are only the best tried and true escapes. These are only the highest percentage escapes I have learned from the elite black belts over the years. To develop, learn, and implement these secrets has taken years of development and countless times getting submitted. I guarantee you that these escapes will save you from my years of pain and immediately change your Jiu Jitsu forever (as long as you actually are an implementer).

Many of you obviously know my good friend Robson Moura (see testimonial below). Robson was one of my training partners for a long time and a great mentor to me. I asked him one day after training what one important trait he learned as a black belt.

Robson told me that while he had great offense – he lacked defense, learning defense was a big turning point for him.

Well, if you know me, I listen well and his words helped mold me.

And just in case you think it’s name dropping to say I was 8 x World Champion Robson Moura’s training partner and mentored by him. Make no mistake, he has caught me numerous times. But I promise you I never let him walk off the mat without showing me how to escape it (and thank goodness for you I show many in here).

I have been submitted and heck, even been embarrassed. I always go back to the drawing board though. To me a real Black Belt doesn’t represent an end. A Black Belt is the beginning. And on my sixth year as a Black Belt I can promise that The Ultimate Escapes System is only the most valuable lessons from all those years of struggle in one 75-minute course that will Blow Your Mind.


“The Ease Of use Of the Ultimate Escape System.”

Here’s how it’s going to work…

The Ultimate Escape System is a 75-Minute Program that has been broken down into a carefully progressing escape and defense sequence. Each escape will be congruent with the previous technique so your mind can rest at ease and not have to figure out what goes where. I’ll basically hold your hand throughout the course.

On top of that, all of the techniques are stored online for you (which will in turn actually save you on the shipping costs) in a private member’s portal. You will have access to this system from any computer, tablet, or cell phone that you have.

Everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks.

So even though you’re getting a lot of tactics, techniques, and strategies, it doesn’t feel like work when you’re learning it. It goes by quickly… without being overwhelmed at all.

This way, you can absorb everything as efficiently and easily as possible..so you can implement it fast!

“Immediate Results”

Now that you have your techniques, it’s time to put them to use. And this System is yet another example of how completely different from any other instructional you have ever tried.

The reason why is because you not only learn the concept and see the details. You understand the philosophy and big picture. These are not just one off moves. I show a whole series for each technique.

My goal was not to throw the whole kitchen sink into this system. My goal was to make sure that you had a rock-solid system of escapes and defense that was easy to use and simple to implement so you could have more confidence in your offense without worrying so much about getting submitted.

“Become Nearly Submission-Proof.”

The System not only shows the actual escape to so many difficult submissions. This system actually looks at the intricacies of avoiding the positions altogether and finally understand why you get into them in the first place.

“But Don’t take my word for it. Hear what some of the best in the world say about Ken Primola”

Robson MouraI remember when I got here from Brazil and I met Ken Primola. We became friends and Ken was a great training partner for me. Ken helped me out a lot for my tournaments.

Robson Moura8 X World Champion, Head of RMNU and Member of Nova Uniao.

Felipe CostaKen was a fantastic student at the Brasa Academy in Rio. It’s awesome that someone with a  solid wrestling background is still willing to improve in other styles. Ken is definitely one of the better technicians I have met.

Felipe CostaAdult Black Belt World Champion

David AvellanHad an awesome training session with Ken. Ken tuned up my takedown game and made me that much more dangerous.

David Avellan4 x ADCC Competitor (has victories over Xande Ribeiro and Rener Gracie).


*Limited-Time Offer*

The System not only shows the actual escape to so many difficult submissions. This system actually looks at the intricacies of avoiding the positions all together and understanding why you get into them in the first place.

This is over 75 Minutes worth of extremely scarce content. These highly guarded secrets will finally allow you to frustrate the heck out of your competition and take you to that next level. This offer is for a limited time for those who have a burning desire for greatness.

Yes I Want to Triple My Escape Percentage!


$7 (one-time payment)

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Guillotine Choke Solution ($22 value)

You are going to get an extra module featuring escapes to some of the deadliest chokes, on top of the Ultimate Escape System. You are now going to have iron-clad simple escapes from the absolute worst positions. You will now be able to easily escape the arm in guillotine, the head and arm triangle choke, among other almost impossible to escape chokes. You will have so many answers to submissions your teammates will be begging you for answers.

How much is it worth to you?

Now you pretty much have an answer for the majority of the serious submissions out there where you once thought escape attempts were hopeless? Is it worth 7 bucks, about as much as a deluxe starbucks coffee? Hell YES!


$7 (One Time Payment)

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