Incredible story Just For Women OVER 40!

Do you know what it’s like to hit 40 and watch your body slowly deteriorate from “pretty good” to soft and overweight?

Hi, my name’s Shawna Kaminski, Certified Personal Trainer and author of the best-selling book, “Female Fat-Loss Over Forty” and if you’re anything like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with in the past, then what I’m about to reveal to you will not only help you today…it’ll change the way you think about getting a toned, sexy body forever.


Now, before I get to reveal all this exciting, new information with you, ask yourself these important questions…

 Have you noticed that as you get older, you’re finding it harder and harder to keep the weight off, especially in the “problem” areas, like your thighs, waist and the “jiggle” area under your arms?

 Do you wish you could go back to when you were younger, and it was so much easier to keep your stomach flat, your thighs firm and your arms toned and sexy?

 And lastly.. Are you coming closer to a point where you’ve just had “enough” with your slowing metabolism and unsexy flabbiness?

If so, then you’re about to discover NEW secrets that will improve your hormones and how you too can get in the best shape of your life, especially if you’re 40 or older!

Now, before I get to reveal all this exciting, new information with you, ask yourself these important questions…

That’s because I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of women just like you, who struggled with the exact same problems as you.. And best of all, I saved each and every one of these brave women from the dreaded “fat-gain over forty” epidemic that seemingly leaves no survivors in its path!

Plus, I’m going to tell you exactly how they did it, but before I do, there’s ONE thing you need to know about fat-gain and getting a flat tummy first..

The ONE Thing You Need To Know About Getting A Flat Stomach, Toned, Sexy Arms And Flat Thighs!

I’ve bet you’ve heard from so-called experts that “your metabolism slows down at around age 40” and there’s not much you can do about it…that it’s just a normal aging process?

The Truth.. They’ve Been Lying To You!

I’ve heard that as well…and I believed it for a long time too.

So when I saw women hit 40 or 41 and quickly start to accumulate extra body-fat and flabbiness around their waistline and get soft in their thighs and glutes, I figured there was nothing I could do about it (even as an award-winning personal trainer!).

I look back on that and almost cry…because I was DEAD-WRONG! You see, I recently discovered the most amazing solution just for women over 40 that:

You Can Have A Sexy Body At Any Age And I Can Prove It!

And remember… This discovery was just for women over 40.. It seemed to work perfectly for them even with their “alleged” slowing metabolisms.. How great is that?

Now I say “alleged” because my discovery had everything to do with this whole “slowing metabolism” idea that those experts will never tell you (because then they’d lose money selling their pills and supplements). But since I’m here to help YOU, I’m going to tell you all about that discovery right now..

I’ll just come right out and say it: Your metabolism doesn’t have to slow down at 40.

In fact, you could go on the rest of your life and hardly have any “metabolism slowdown”… so long as you listen very closely to what I’m about to tell you next.

Experts claim your metabolism has to slow down at 40, as it’s just a “natural” part of aging and with that slowing metabolism comes increased fat storage, more cellulite and less energy.

Not exactly what we want, right?

This Is The Secret To A Flat Stomach Forever!

Now listen closely here, because this is really important..

The most crucial factor to just how fast or slow your metabolism acts is how much lean muscle tissue you have.

This is why people with more muscle tissue burn more calories and body-fat all day long, while people with less muscle tissue burn calories and body-fat at such a slow rate!

But There’s One Big Problem..

Now here’s where it gets tricky: When you’re in your 30’s, your body slowly starts to add more body-fat and get rid of your lean muscle tissue, without you even knowing about it.

So by the time you hit 40, you’re already carrying more body-fat and less lean muscle tissue and we know what that means…a slowing metabolism!

Crazy, right? It’s like your body is trying to fight against you!

It doesn’t have to be this way though (I’ll show you why in just a second..).

With this knowledge in hand, it’s pretty obvious to say that we should just add more lean muscle tissue to our bodies, which would increase our metabolism and we’d be burning body-fat off faster than you can say “Charlie Sheen!”.

And while it’s true, there’s always been one obvious thing holding us back from adding all that muscle:

What kind of sane woman wants to add tons of muscle tissue to her body and get all bulky like a bodybuilder?!?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that. I want a small waist, firm thighs and buns, with toned, sexy arms.

But what if there was a way for you to have all those things without any of the bulk?

Where you could increase your lean muscle tissue and excitedly speed up your metabolism while staying thin and sexy?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you…there is a way.

The True Story: How I Discovered These Fat-Burning Secrets Just For Women Over 40..

See, after I figured all of this out, I knew we needed a solution where we could increase our lean muscle tissue, keep our metabolism’s going way past 40 and not gain any bulky muscle. So I dived into the research…I went through books, articles, journals and even scientific studies for months on end and started to compile all the possible solutions the research pointed to.

And once I had those in hand, I began to test out all of these ideas on all of my personal training clients who pay upwards of $200/hour here in Calgary to work with me (this was perfect because all of my clients are great, incredible women over 40!).

At first, some of the things I was trying didn’t work out like I’d hoped. My clients were getting good results and losing some body-fat but I knew we could do better…

So I changed just a couple things around on a hunch and.. the results were almost immediate!

Women who had dealt with a growing waist line for years all of the sudden saw their waist shrinking in just a few, short weeks.

Other girls who had always found their arms to be their “weak spot” were wearing sleeveless tops with smiling confidence and they all were firming their thighs and tightening up their glutes with these specially designed workouts I had introduced.

Now what these women didn’t know was that all of their amazing results were mostly because they had finally sped up their metabolism by increasing their lean muscle tissue, but they had done it a very special way that didn’t make their muscles bulky or bigger — it just made them more toned and in the perfect position to speed up their metabolism.

Check Out These Women’s Incredible Success Stories Using My Fat-Burning Secrets!


It was that simple — I had finally figured out a very special kind of workout that increased your lean muscle tissue (and in turn, your “slowing” metabolism”) without gaining any “bulk” or bigger muscles!

And just like that — I decided that no woman over 40 should ever have to deal with accumulating stomach-fat or a growing waistline when I had a secret, almost-instant solution right here, that would keep them lean, toned and sexy for as long as they did my short, easy workouts!

And it was for that reason I created “Female Fat-Loss Over 40”

Introducing “Female Fat-Loss Over 40”

Female Fat Loss Over 40 Program Workout

Inside the official Female Fat Loss over 40 Workout Program, you’ll find all of your fat burning, waist-shrinking workouts, easily laid out inside for you so you can begin your workouts immediately — no confusion or questions left unanswered here. In fact, one of my customers recently told me that she had purchased workout programs from other websites and infomercials in the past and mine was the easiest-to-follow workout program she’d ever tried (and it will be just as easy for you to start to). But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get VIDEO FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS to guide you. I’ll be there for each and every workout to coach you along the way. These workouts can be viewed online, saved to your computer or burned to a DVD. (NOTHING IS SHIPPED)

Female Fat Loss Over 40 Video Library

Here you’ll find me personally coaching you through every exercise inside the Female Fat Loss over Forty program (even the secret ones we use to really increase your fat-burning!). Sure it would cost you an arm and a leg to hop on a plane, book a hotel and hire me to teach you all of these exercises, but when you order Female Fat loss Over Forty today, you’ll get Instant Access to the entire library as I take you by the hand and walk you through all of the secret “Female Fat Loss Over Forty” exercises.

Of course I’ll be coaching you throughout the VIDEO FOLLOW ALONG workouts as well, providing ways to intensify or modify each exercise. I’ll give you invaluable tips along the way. You can follow the workouts online, save them to your computer or burn them to a DVD. (NOTHING IS SHIPPED).

Female Fat Loss Over 40

Hard and Fast Nutrition Tips Guide

I’ve for news for you…I don’t like diets! In my years and years of experience, I’ve found that for long-term results and a body that looks and feels sexy forever (and not just for a couple of weeks like when you starve yourself a “diet”), the best rules to follow are always the easiest and simplest…And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this easy-to-read guide here!

I’ll show you how you can happily eat all your favorite foods and never feel like you’re depriving yourself, while simultaneously watching the fat melt off your body. See…waiting for a lean, sexy body might be different for a woman over forty, but it doesn’t have to be harder. I’ll show you exactly how here.

Female Fat Loss Over 40

Meal Plans

Just like there’s a special way for you to workout to watch the stubborn body-fat melt away in just days, there’s a special way for you to eat and in the Female Fat Loss Over 40 Meal Plans Guidebook, I’m going to tell you all about it! In fact, I’ve included several different week long “meal plans” for you to make your fat-loss come even easier and faster. You’ll find an easy to use, realistic ‘mix and match’ plan so that you have tons of variety, but the right amount of guidance so you can meet you fat loss goals. With this guidebook in hand, you can’t lose (and your lean, toned, sexy body will come to you even faster!).

The “Get Your Zzzz´s”

Sleeping Manual

If you’re anything like me, you love a good, comfy night’s sleep and know just how important it is for your health and fat-loss too! But if you’ve ever struggled to get a great night’s sleep on a consistent basis, then you’re going to love this guide here. The “Get Your Zzz’s” Sleeping Manual reveals all 16 of my best sleeping tips to help you get an invigorating, refreshing night’s sleep every single night. With these 16 tips on your side, a poor night’s sleep of tossing and turning will never be an issue again.


Female Fat Loss Over 40

Audio Interval Workouts

As much as I’d love to, it’d be impossible for me to be there to train and motivate every one of my high-paying customers (since they’re located all over the world!). Not to worry though, because with these mp3 audio tracks in your ears, it’s like having me right there with you, coaching you through your workouts and motivating you every step of the way. Simply download these audio files like you would any mp3, put them into your IPod and just like that, you’ve got me right next to you, coaching you all the way to your sexiest body ever! This might be my favorite bonus in the entire Female Fat-Loss Over Forty system!

 Female Fat Loss Over 40

What to Eat

RDA approved diet plans

  • A “follow along” diet plan the help you lose weight effortlessly.
  • Let me do the thinking to start you off on the right foot and soon enough your good eating habits will be a no-brainer for you.






Female Fat Loss Over 40

Audio Interval Training


  • Along with the three different audio tracks you’ll get 9 bonus high intensity mini-workouts for use “anytime anywhere” to sky rocket your fat loss.
  • You’ll also get a formula to create your own mini-workouts to use with the audio recordings.
  • This is the key to creating your own fitness plan whenever you want and where ever you are!

Video Follow Along


Train along side with Shawna so she can provide you tips and ways to modify or intensify each exercise.

Videos can be viewed online, saved to your computer or burned to DVD (Nothing is shipped.)

And today, you can have the entire Female Fat Loss Over Forty Program for the low-price of just $45 $20! Click the button below here now to get started immediately!

All Products Are Downloadable – No Physical Products Will Be Shipped

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot the most important part too..

If You’re Not Losing Your Stubborn Body-Fat Faster Than Ever Before Using My Special Workout Methods, You MUST Get All Your Money Back!

While I certainly don’t know everything, there are two things I am absolutely certain of:

The workouts inside “Female Fat-Loss Over 40” are the fastest-working, most effective fat-loss workouts on the market today, and they work best on women just like us (women over 40!)

If I’m going to ask you to invest and trust in me and my workouts, then it’s only fair I do the same for you.

That’s why when you invest in “Female Fat-Loss Over 40” today, I want you to know that you are fully backed by my world-famous 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If at any time in the next 60 days you find you’re not completely satisfied with your results from “Female Fat-Loss Over 40”, all you have to do is send my Help Desk an email stating so and we’ll happily refund you your entire investment. No questions asked or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund (although I’ll be honest — most women never even consider asking for a refund since their results are just so fast and stunning.. Plus I already know yours are going to be just as phenomenal!).

Get started today!

All Products Are Downloadable – No Physical Products Will Be Shipped

Just imagine… a few weeks from now.. you wake up in the morning, excited and energized. You walk into your closet to pick out your outfit for the day and it’s such a tough decision now because it all just looks so fabulous on you!

You finally decide on something classy, yet sexy (your man can’t keep his hands off you!) and head out for the day.. looking great .. feeling great.. happy.. and confident.

…This isn’t just some dream or far-out wish.. This can be real for you, this will be real for you. You just need the right formula, the right workout methods designed for you and your specific needs.. One that won’t waste your time or money and that is exactly what “Female Fat-Loss Over 40” will do for you. I promise.

Try it out today before the price soon doubles — you’re going to absolutely love your results!


Shawna Kaminski
Certified Turbulence Trainer, B. Kin, B. Ed

And today, you can have the entire Female Fat Loss Over Forty Program for the low-price of just $45 $20! Click the button below here now to get started immediately!

All Products Are Downloadable – No Physical Products Will Be Shipped
All Products Are Downloadable – No Physical Products Will Be Shipped

PS – Remember, “Female Fat-Loss Over 40” is going to give you a flat belly, toned arms and tight, firm thighs using my secret methods to burning fat for women just like us over 40 (and if you’re not completely satisfied, you get all your money back!). You’ll start feeling better the minute you click this button below and get started.

PPS – The price for “Female Fat Loss Over 40” is so affordable today because it was just recently released to the public. The price will be doubling very soon so place your secure order today before that happens and you end up missing out.

*NOTE: Female Fat Loss Over 40 is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.*
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